Author: Joel A. Erickson

I was bound by sin and evil
From which there seemed no retrieval—
I could not do aught to cast its control;
But a Savior’s wondrous power
Caused the hosts of sin to cower,
And in love He came and rescued my soul.

Hallelujah! I am singing,
In my heart such joy is springing,
I’ve a peace this world can never destroy;
I am on my way to glory,
I will sing the wondrous story,
For my cup is running over with joy!

In my heart a root was hidden,
Harbored foes fought fierce unbidden,
For deliverance from self I did cry;
Jesus died to make me holy,
And He showed the way so lowly,
Then my heart the altar did purify.

There are trials and temptations,
There are life’s great complications,
But there’s One who’s gained the vict’ry for me;
When the battle’s raging stronger,
And its seems I can’t last longer,
He’ll uphold me through till Satan must flee.

I’m rejoicing on the highway,
For it is the Lord’s not my way,
I’ll go trusting Him, whatever He’s planned;
In the Vine I am abiding,
He abides within, providing,
He is guiding to that wonderful land.

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