Author: Silas S. Martin

Resurrection pow’r and glory
From the God who made the sky,
Sent to me, a human mortal—
Pow’r to rise and death defy.

Oh, the glorious resurrection,
Blessed hope for you and me;
We shall rise in glorious power,
Reign with Him eternally.

Sad among His twelve disciples,
Jesus went for men to die,
But in power rose triumphant,
Gloriously, above the sky.

Why do men in sad rejection
Fail unto their Lord to cry?
Jesus offers pow’r and glory,
Hopes immortal in Him lie.

Seek, arise, O human mortals—
God empow’rs, He does not lie;
He has broken death’s cold sentence—
Heav’n-borne mortals to Him fly.

Oh, that blessed resurrection
God will not to one deny;
We have tasted pow’r and glory:
Now we live—we shall not die!

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