Author: Daniel S. Warner

I am resting in Jesus, hallelujah! I know
That the blood of atonement makes me whiter than snow;
I will trust in my Savior, and abide His control;
For He loved me so dearly that He ransomed my soul.

Oh, my rest is so sweet,
As I sit at Thy feet;
I am resting, dear Jesus,
In Thy favor complete.

I am resting in Jesus, oh, how sweet are my years!
He has banished my troubles, and removed all my tears;
I am safe in His kingdom, and a heavenly calm
Now abides in my bosom—glory be to the Lamb!

I am resting in Jesus, my Redeemer and Friend,
And the peace of His kingdom shall endure without end;
Oh, my soul is transported in His favor divine,
And there’s music, sweet music in this bosom of mine.

I am resting in Jesus, what a blessed repose!
I am living in triumph over death and all foes;
I can smile at the tempest, hallelujah to God!
I am free, and forever I will sing of the blood.

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