Author: Uriah E. Hallman

Out from the snare of the fowler,
Out from the trappings of sin,
Out from the cage of deception,
Where sadly my spirit had been,
Into the glorious morning
Of soul-cheering sunshine and dew;
Out from the soul-crushing darkness,
To heavenly rapturous view.

Free! free in Jesus!
Out of sin’s domain:
The Lion of Judah
Has broken every chain.

Out from the toils, where the tempter
Never again shall impose
Shackles of cruelest bondage,
Of service, deception, and woes!
Into the city of Zion
My soul for its refuge has fled;
Safe from the darts of the wicked,
No more His vile torture to dread.

Out from the shades of confusion,
Into the courts of our God;
Into the fold, where the Shepherd
Doth lead by His staff and His rod;
Sweetly my soul on His bosom,
So tenderly, lovingly borne,
Rests from earth’s sorrows forever,
No longer in sadness to mourn.

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