Prophet Wiseman Daniel Prophecies For 2024

Prophet Wiseman Daniel of Everlasting Light of Hope International ministry (ELOHIM)
Prophet Wiseman Daniel of Everlasting Light of Hope International ministry (ELOHIM)

Founder of The Everlasting Light of Hope International Ministry (ELOHIM) in Abuja, Prophet Wiseman Daniel, formerly a senior pastor at Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), working alongside Prophet TB Joshua, has unveiled profound prophecies for the year 2024.

Prophet Wiseman Daniel 2024 Prophecies:

1. Global Judgment:
This year signifies judgment for the wicked and rewards for genuine children of God. Let’s pray for God’s protection over His children during this period.

2. Challenges for Ministers:
Ministers worldwide may face attacks in three different ways due to offensive utterances. Terminal diseases, physical assaults, and spiritual challenges will test them. God’s grace won’t shield them as they’ve assumed God’s judgment role.

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3. Identity Revelation:
The science and technology behind the universal identity booklet are about to be nullified for another strange means of identification, echoing events in Revelation.

4. East Africa’s Shift:
A mighty mature tree in East Africa will be uprooted. The solution is to allow young trees to spring up and make a positive difference.

5. Weather Warnings for Africa:
African countries, especially in the eastern and southern parts, should beware of rainfall scarcity and food shortages. Pray for farmers and their lands.

6. Leaders on the Edge:
Leaders of countries starting with R and ending with A, and another starting with F and ending with E, are in precarious situations. Pray for stability against impending challenges.

7. Health Intervention Needed:
The leader of a two-word country is suffering from a serious heart condition. Pray for God’s intervention.

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8. Youth Epidemic Warning:
Money-making and rituals among youths, using their own body parts for sacrifice, will lead to paralysis and diseases—2024’s marks of the beast.

9. Educational Agitation:
The education system fuels youth agitation, leading to violence against educational leaders. Many youths will face hindrances in achieving their career goals.

10. Caution for Ministers:
A great ‘fisher of men’ is on a wheelchair. Ministers of God, be cautious of your lifestyle beyond the altar.

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