‘A popular man of God will die, another scheme Dangerous than MMM will come up’ – Prophet Omotosho Joseph releases 2018 prophecies

Apostle Omotosho Tope Joseph who runs OTJ live ministry has released his prophecies for 2018. The clergy who was noted forprophesying the emergence of George Weah as the president of Liberia, the super eagles qualification for the world cup, the victory of Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state, and many more released another set of prophesies for 2018.

Below are the list of his prophecies for 2018 and keen attention should be given to it.

Prophecies for 2018

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-The gospel will be fought against this year

-A major fighter of the gospel not living in Nigeria is about to die because God has warned him personally

-Some major leaders will lose their political offices

-There is going to be terrible move of God this year

-I see one of the south south Governors would be assassinated and another lose His office at the Supreme Court

-Fifteen senators must pray not to lose their seats to injustice

– The military should pray because I see some generals having Plane Crash but by prayers it will be averted.

-Enough prayers should be made against plane crash

-There would be another scheme more dangerous than MMM whose purpose is to sly people of their money. so be warned

-I see home call to heaven for a popular man of God. We celebrate God for his life because Heaven is His portion

-Many will experience fruitfulness this year and have their babies

-for Those who have lost job last year get ready for mega jobs

-Many families will be a focus of attraction if they can serve Jesus diligently this year.

-So many people may not survive abortion this year because this year is a year of holiness

-The Economy of our nation may be threatened but God will intervene powerfully.

-The church will still face more persecution this year but it will still flourish

-The counsel by Ahithophel in the corridors of power against the church shall be jeopardized because God can’t be mocked

– Those agitating for Buhari to run second term might be disappointed because at the last moment he would change his mind and I see a northern governor picked in his stead.

– I see Zenith Bank and Ecobank doing exceptionally well in 2018

-Let’s pray for USA,UNITED KINGDOM AND MALAYSIA. They ARE major Focus OF Attacks in 2018

-I see a current president being laid to rest

-Nigeria,Ghana,South Africa and Cameroon will face a major revival this year

-Great minister of the gospel should please start speaking the truth this year. Our unity is the only bailout against all the heresies of hell

The head of Orthodox church in Russia will be changed and the new one will have the fear of God which will bring about the gospel of Christ and the rich will go to church as there place of rest

In 2018 things will be so hard for people but only people of Christ will be exempted from hardship

*the corrupt rich will become poor and run to church of God

*Salvation of souls Will be in abundance next year

-Donald Trump will influence the gospel of Christ tremendously

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