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The Senior Suites of Rainbow Beach in Chicago, Illinois and alleged killer, Pastor Ted Merchant, 67 (inset). | (Photos: Facebook; Chicago PD)
The Senior Suites of Rainbow Beach in Chicago, Illinois and alleged killer, Pastor Ted Merchant, 67 (inset). | (Photos: Facebook; Chicago PD)

A 67-year-old retired pastor reportedly shot a fellow retired pastor when the two got into an argument about the Bible in the senior home where they both lived.

Horror erupted at a senior home in Chicago, Illinois, in the wee hours on Monday when Allen Smith, a retired Baptist minister and Yale Divinity School graduate was allegedly shot dead by the wheelchair bound, pastor Ted Merchant during an argument over the Bible.

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According to ChristianToday.com, Merchant shot the 80-year-old twice in the head, killing him immediately after the two men had a disagreement about the Bible.

Residents of Senior Suites of Rainbow Beach in Chicago where Merchant and Smith lived reported that the two former pastors often debated about the Bible out on the complex’s back patio.

Smith and his alleged killer, Ted Merchant, a resident of the community who also ran a church at the senior home known as the Senior Suites of Rainbow Beach, were on the back patio of the property having their regular talk about Bible passages when he pull a gun and shot Smith dead.

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They’d be out there all the time,” said Dorothy Hull, a retiree also living at Rainbow Beach. “They’d talk about Bible passages and ideas about God. They always had little arguments going on about things like that.”

Hull added that she never thought the two men’s arguments would turn violent.

“It was very surprising,” she said. “I just can’t get over it because he [Merchant] had a church in the community room every Sunday morning. He was retired, too, but he had this church going on. I just couldn’t believe he did that.”

She described Smith as a very nice man who was never married and had no children.

“He was a very nice person, very outgoing, very friendly,” Hull said. “He would do things for you, like go to the store or whatever.”

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Merchant reportedly fled the murder scene in his motorized wheelchair, but was arrested three blocks away. He was charged with first degree murder.

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