Pastor Jerry Eze 2020 Prophecies and Prophetic Declarations

Pastor Jerry Eze, President and Lead Pastor of Streams Of Joy International
Pastor Jerry Eze, President and Lead Pastor of Streams Of Joy International

Pastor Jerry Eze, Streams Of Joy 2020 Prophecies and Prophetic Declarations

Streams Of Joy International is a Pentecostal and charismatic church founded in Umuahia, Abia State Nigeria by Pastor Jerry Uchechukwu Eze.


This Decade Will Usher You Into The Fullness Of Your Purpose! No More Waiting!

This Decade Is Releasing A Garment Of Visibility!

This Shall Be Called The Decade Of Your Manifestation! Break Out!

It Shall Be A Decade Of All Round Possibilities!

It Is A Decade Of Your Fire!

A Decade That Will Bring To Light Everything Inside Of You!

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It Shall Be A Decade Of A Champion!

It Shall Be Known As A Decade Where You Rose And Rose; It’s A Decade Of Your Uncommon Rising!

It Shall Be Known Where You Will Not Bury Or Be Buried!

It Shall Be Called A Decade Of Your High Favour!

Every Negative Label/Pattern Your Family Is Known For Is Broken!

Let There Be An Urgent Evidence!

That Man I Am Supposed To Be, Break Out!

I Rise, I Move! Whatsoever Tied Me Down, I Break Out!

Line Up Where There Is A Breaking Forth!

In Jesus’ Name!

Things That Will Not Enter 2020…

Spiritual Blindness

Lack Of Favour!

Sicknesses And Diseases!

Rising And Falling!

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Same Financial Level!

Near Success Syndrome!

Lack Of Spiritual Fire!

Garment Of Shame!

Efforts Without Results!

Labour Without Favour!

Evil Oppression And Captivity!

Household Wickedness!

Promise Without Fulfillment!

Losses And Setbacks!

Spiritual Laziness!

Every Covering!

Stubbornness To The Spirit!

Sudden Disaster!

Destiny Mistakes!

Leaking Pockets!

Stronghold Of Impossibility!

Laughter Stopper!

Celebration Hijackers!

Disgrace And Shame!


Power Of Debt And Loss!

Last Minute Failure!

Consistent Bad News!

Repeated Battles!

Stubborn Destiny Pursuers!

Fire, Amen, Out!

In Jesus’ Name!

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