Bishop Okwudili Eze 2020 Prophecy

Bishop Okwudili Eze
Bishop Okwudili Eze

2020 Prophecies By Bishop Okwudili Eze

The founder and general overseer of Zion Heritage and Miracle Ministries headquartered in Abuja, Bishop Okwudili Eze has released 31 prophecies about the New Year 2020.

Read Bishop Okwudili Eze 2020 Prophecy Below:


  1. Year 2020 to Zion Heritage shall be a year of “Heavy harvest” of souls, material blessings and prosperity. John 4: 35-36, Luke 5:6-7
  2. There shall be strategic alliance and alignment of kingdom-like minds for ministry/ kingdom impact. It shall be a year of supernatural divine connections with like minds.
  3. The sickle for harvest is sharpened, the harvest is very ripened and God is sending in more labourers to reap this harvest with great power and great grace.
  4. The prodigals are returning to their father’s house totally transformed and washed by the blood of Jesus. Some people who other “righteous people” might term beyond redemption will be arrested by Jesus Christ and be greatly used to the astonishment of those who have gone ahead.
  5. President Buhari is coming with a sledge hammer and strong fight against corruption in the Nation. Some old unfinished corruption cases will be revisited and the culprits jailed for their various offences, especially in the oil and gas sector, energy and other sectors. However, a section of the majority of Nigerians will feel that he is more selective in vengeance and targeting some people.
  6. There shall be a rising of a nameless, faceless set of believers with strange wisdom and power of God working greatly in them. Their sudden appearance and rise to glory would make people feel that they just arrived on the scene without knowing that they have been with Lord for long at the secret place of encounter.
  7. God is changing spiritual guards at the spiritual gates of cities and nations with fresh men on the block for end time global impact that would be massive.
  8. There shall be a reintroduction of Ancient mantles and ministries that were once heard in the history of ancient revivals making a strange come back to the earth with various believers manifesting these ministries and mantles.
  9. There is going to be a strong media war in Nigeria and a lot of demonstrations and protest against the government especially as regarding all manner of arrests, injustice and detention in prisons.
  10. There shall be a major breakthrough in medicine concerning the discovery of drugs that treat cancer, organ diseases and can alter human cells in order to prolong life by Jewish American doctors.
  11. A lot of people who were called barren shall be visited by the Lord with grace for multiple conceptions. Let the barren sing for Joy.
  12. There shall a great manifestation of the seers anointing. A lot of believers shall have that gift activated and they would walk into it powerfully.
  13. Zion Heritage shall experience a new surge and wave of an abiding and consistent growth. Many who are of this flock but currently are in other places shall be supernaturally directed to come to Zion and be planted to serve with the whole of their heart.
  14. The grace for global dimension of Impact is falling upon Zion Heritage. The ministry shall be greatly announced by God and huge followership and acceptance enjoyed globally.
  15. It shall be a Goshen experience for believers in Nigeria who serve the Lord delightsomely. For God shall marvellously care and provide for them, but for those who don’t, it shall be a tighter situation, economy wise.
  16. Nothing much shall change in the New year as it relates to the economy of the nation but a continuation of stronger and tighter measures to stabilize the economy. Nigerians should think outside the box and create wealth for themselves.
  17. There shall be an emergence of strong female Apostolic and Prophetic voices who shall be great visionary intercessors to reposition nations and individuals through travailing prayer for the birthing of God’s new agenda for nations and individuals.
  18. God shall make new prophetic sounds upon the earth in order to birth His ancient purposes for nations which have been in His heart from time immemorial. A lot of nations shall enter their jubilee and a great season of transformation in their land.
  19. A decade of great “falling away” from the faith. Many who used to love the Lord and serve Him will renounce their faith and begin to ask questions about the authenticity of hell and heaven, Bible as God’s word and the humanity of Christ and they would influence many to join in this bandwagon.
  20. The Holy Spirit shall be breathing on the church afresh with great manifestations of His great grace and glory for massive harvest of souls and dominion on the earth.
  21. God is going to touch the sons and daughters of Igbo indigene in diaspora to begin to think of home with regards to developing their home massively to become the envy of nations. There shall be a rising of international airports, seaports and mega developmental projects that catch the attention of the world.
  22. The restiveness and clarion call towards re-structuring Nigeria along the regional lines will be increased and that would be a saving grace for calamity and disaster that the devil is cooking for our nation.
  23. If Nigeria does not diversify her economy towards energy, technology, and mechanized farming and continue its dependence on oil, this coming economic holocaust and retrogression shall shake the nation badly and cause her to be grossly indebted to nations.
  24. President George Weah would have a need to revisit the altar that enthroned him as a president. I saw him in the midst of economic crises and doubt about his ability to lead the nation to glory. He should pray against financial embezzlement, corruption charges and impeachment. Strong forces of hell are seriously against him to pull him down.
  25. The Nation of Ghana should pray seriously against political riots and wanton destruction of lives and properties between the supporters of the ruling party and the opposition party. God is about to reposition Ghana as a great economic hub in Africa but they should not waste it because of tribal politics, selfishness and greed.
  26. I saw President Donald Trump with the jawbone of Samson and the Spirit of Jehu fighting the enemies of Christ, His church and American economy. Though the opposition would be great, but Heavens shall back him because the purposes of God concerning the church and America shall stand. I see his government coming with a lot of welfare and economic packages for the some African countries while massively fighting against terrorism and oppressive governments in the World. Prayers should be consistent on his head for protection of life and defence.
  27. I see a great internal crisis that would threaten the peace of the ruling party APC. I see a splinter group emerging basically because of arguments of who succeeds President Buhari after his tenure. Many of the top western politicians will feel betrayed and neglected in the scheme of things and threaten to go their separate ways.
  28. The political and economic mountains of this world are going to be massively invaded by Apostolic/ Prophetic voices called to influence them. God will begin to raise and position His people with the grace and anointing to influence things for Christ and His kingdom from those mountains.
  29. The ark of God’s presence is about to trigger a massive revival from the south east. God shall be raising young Apostolic/Prophetic voices to shepherd this move of God to the nations. Mega churches with global impact shall arise in great glory. The time is now for the cloud has gathered.
  30. The world’s attention and attraction shall center on Africa. Africa shall be courted like a beautiful bride by World powers. God will be pouring the Spirit and wisdom of witty invention in young Africans who would invent things and have discoveries that would surprise the world. They would manufacture and export technology. They should gradually begin to get it right in leadership for impact. A lot of super powers would begin to make their foreign policies more African friendly.
  31. It shall be a year of restoration of wasted years, glory, lost impactful relationships, virtues, spiritual gifts, breakthrough and heavy reward of labours for the last 10 years.

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