The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Pastor (Dr.) Paul Enenche, duing the 31st December 2018 crossover night service, disclosed what God told him about things that would happen in Nigeria in 2019.

The man of God disclosed that God revealed to him that he won’t leave Nigeria and the enemy won’t succeed over the nation.

Speaking during the crossover service at his 100,000 capacity seater Church auditorium in Abuja, the Glory Dome, Enenche said the pains experienced across the country shall be over in 2019.

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Read Pastor Paul Enenche’s 2019 Prophecy Below:

“Tell the church that they shall not stop praying and I will not leave Nigeria alone until I perfect my will for the nation.

“The enemy is fighting a lost battle, my hand shall rest on the nation and the whole of creation is waiting my manifestation through Nigeria.

“The pains you see are the birth signs for Nigeria. God said suddenly deliverance and delivery shall happen and it will become history.”

Reading from Jerimaiah 31 verse 10, the fiery preacher added: “Thus saith the Lord Nigeria shall come to her quarters again. Our land is coming to a point where there shall be justice and equity, where there is no partiality.

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“The Lord told me a time will come when the farmers and herdsmen will cohabit together without any challenge.

“God is bringing Nigerians to a place where we can sleep well in the night with your two eyes closed.”

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