Author: Daniel S. Warner, pub.

I heard the dear Redeemer say,
In tones of love divine,
“I gave Myself, O man, for thee,
And wilt thou not be Mine?”

Only Thine, only Thine,
My life to Thee I give;
Only Thine, only Thine,
For Thee alone to live.

I see the Man of Sorrows bow
And die upon the cross;
’Twas all for me, O Lord, I know,
And all Thy love confess.

For me He rose and intercedes
Upon His Father’s throne;
And lo, His tender mercy pleads
To make me all His own.

And shall my poor divided heart
Cling to the world and Thee?
Nay, Lord, take all, and not a part—
All Thine I’ll ever be.

O Lord, I bow to reason’s claim,
Here on Thy altar lie
A sacrifice in Jesus’ name,
To all this world I die.

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