Author: Clara M. Brooks

As sweet strains of heav’nly music
Blend in one harmonious sound,
So the members of Christ’s body
In blest unity are found—
One in mind, and one in spirit,
One in doctrine, faith, and love;
One in name—oh, precious union,
Like the angel hosts above.

Not like waves upon the ocean,
Tossing wildly, rolling high;
Or the tempest’s great commotion,
As it sweeps across the sky;
But like twilight, gently stealing
O’er the verdant, shady lea,
So the holy saints in Zion
Rest—from all their sins set free.

Blood-washed pilgrims on the highway
Chant the sweet, melodious strain
Of their freedom from confusion,
Angels join the glad refrain;
One with all the hosts of heaven,
There their names are written down;
Jesus only, Jesus ever,
In their hearts as King they crown.

Love, the theme of all their praises,
Doth in holy bond unite
All their hearts, in Him made perfect,
Turned from darkness unto light;
Thus the saved in Christ together
Dwell in sacred unity,
In the secret of His presence—
Hid away, dear Lord, in Thee.

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