Author: Silas G. Odell, pub.

My Beloved is so fair;
How His breath perfumes the air!
Oh, the heaven of His smiles my soul doth see!
Oh, the wonders of His grace,
To unveil the holy place,
To invite me to the banquet of the free!

Oh, this blessed, holy rest,
On my Jesus’ loving breast!
Oh, the sweetness and completeness
Of perfected holiness!

How my soul was stained with sin!
Yet my Jesus took me in,
And a robe of purest whiteness gave to me:
First He pardoned all my guilt,
And His wondrous love I felt,
And I shouted, for the Son had made me free.

Then He brought me to the fount
Flowing free from Calv’ry’s mount,
And in love He taught the will of God to me;
And I there began to die;
For my soul to sanctify,
Did my Jesus shed His blood upon the tree.

And He taught me that I must
Then be prostrate in the dust,
That with Him if I would reign eternally,
Self within must all be slain,
And I live with Him again,
Just the holy life my Lord now giveth me.

So if now my soul doth boast,
It is of the Holy Ghost,
And my Jesus who so fully saveth me;
Oh, that all on Him would wait!
For His life without the gate
As a ransom did He give for you and me.

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