How I wish I could tell it, what Jesus did for me,
And what He still is doing every day;
But, bless His name, it’s growing so fast upon my hands,
My happy soul can only seem to say:

Oh, the glory of Calv’ry’s love story,
Oh, the glory that’s in my soul;
Hallelujah, I’ll never get over
Praising God for saving me while ages roll.

There’s nothing like the glory to show the world around
We have the best of life in every way;
We walk and talk with Jesus, He makes our joys abound
With something new from heaven every day.

Stop wishing that you had it and felt this glory, too—
You don’t get it by wishing, you must yield;
Come out from Egypt’s bondage, be washed in Jesus’ blood,
Just pay the price, get in God’s clover field.

Some think this great salvation will stop all their good times,
They must not do a thing but sing and pray;
We do just what we want to, and go where’er we please,
And that is what we’re doing here today.

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