Author: Isabel C. Byrum, pub.

Oh, let us sound the praise
Which unto God belongs;
Our voices high we’ll raise
In prayer and grateful songs;
Oh, praise the Lord in unity,
For none hath done such works as He!

The sun, the moon, the stars,
Though silent in the sky,
Are joining in our praise
With angel hosts on high;
Oh, let the heav’nly chorus ring
Sweet anthems to our Lord and King!

E’en in the stormy wind
An echo sweet and clear
Is saying, “Praise the Lord!
Oh, praise Him far and near!”
Come, people, come, both old and young,
And make our song the sweetest song.

Oh, praise our blessed Lord!
All saints of earth, sing praise!
Oh, praise Him for His love,
His wondrous works and ways!
Through all the earth the sound is sent,
His name alone is excellent.

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