Author: Anonymous/Unknown, bef.

Up and be doing, for Judgment Day is coming,
Go and preach the Word where it isn’t heard;
Tell them the story of Jesus’ love and glory,
And of the better day for which He came.

Oh, golden hours will never wait,
We must seize them while they come,
Or forever be too late;
Oh, do not wait for something great,
Do whate’er you find to do and do it right.

Up and be doing, there’re millions lost and dying,
Tell them of His love, a better home above;
Freedom from confusion, sin, and all illusion,
And Christ, the blessed Savior crucified.

Up and be doing, bring in the weary sinners,
Bring them to the blood, the precious, cleansing flood;
Tell them what a blessing there is in true confessing,
And of His boundless grace to save from sin.

Up and be doing, go preach the glorious message,
Simple faith proclaim, all in Jesus’ name;
Tell He wants to save and heal the sick and lame,
Oh, glory, hallelujah to His name!

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