Occult Woman Who Baptized Son In Satanic Temple Encounters Jesus

Yamisbel Garcia, who baptized son in satanic temple shares testimony of coming to Christ | Delafé Testimonies
Yamisbel Garcia, who baptized son in satanic temple shares testimony of coming to Christ | Delafé Testimonies

A former occultist who said “baptized” her son in a satanic ritual, and participated in other occult activities has testified about her conversion to Christ.

In a testimony video released by Dalafé Testimonies last week, Yamisbel Garcia talked about how she was redeemed from the occult and her journey to Christ after she baptized her son in a satanic temple.

The Florida woman who was raised in a nominally Catholic home said that she was abused both verbally and physically by her father. She said she eventually met the father of her children while on a trip to Puerto Rico. A couple of months later, she was pregnant with her warlock boyfriend’s child and she went to live with her boyfriend in Puerto Rico.

“They have other beliefs. Their beliefs are more in the satanism, witches and warlocks,” she said. “I grew up around that, but it wasn’t normal.”

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“Witchcraft and all of that looked normal in our surroundings. It wasn’t something that you would identify as, ‘Oh, that’s bad,’ or ‘Oh, that’s good.’ It was just another religion, basically,” Garcia added.

“When I gave birth to my son, we baptized him in a Catholic church, but because of [witchcraft community’s] beliefs, they asked me to baptize him in a satanic temple, which I now know was a satanic temple. But I didn’t know back then. I was 17. I was naive.”

A few months later, Garcia started working at a Colombian bakery owned by a devout Christian, “it was the first time that I ever heard about Jesus,” she said.

“I remember every time he used to talk about Jesus, I used to be in awe. I would make sure that I get the bakery clean and everything is done before my time was up, so I could sit down and we could have coffee and talk about Jesus,” Garcia said.

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Garcia felt led to order a Bible from Amazon, which she ordered on a Sunday, and it arrived on a Tuesday. She prayed for God to open the eyes of her heart.

“I sat in my bedroom at night, and I opened the Bible. And I said, ‘God, I have no idea what it says in this Bible. People say that ‘when you read this, they go crazy.’… I was kind of afraid of reading it. … I opened up the Bible, and I started praying,” Garcia said.

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