We didn’t know which head belongs to which kid.”

In the October 7th massacre of civilians in Israel, Hamas terrorists burned a baby alive in an oven and beheaded several children, according to first responder Eli Beer, whose accounts of the horrors he discovered were met with mockery and jokes on social media.

Beer, a paramedic and the founder of the medical volunteer organization United Hatzalah, which has been treating victims in southern Israel since the Israel-Hamas war began following the terrorist group’s massacre, said Hamas’ assault resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people, majority of which are civilians.

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While giving a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual Leaders Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, Beer revealed that he was driven to tears as he witnessed children of Holocaust survivors murdered in a Holocaust in Israel.

The paramedic said he saw a dead baby that had been burned inside an oven by Hamas. He also described seeing a woman who was four months pregnant when Hamas severed her stomach to rip her baby out of her womb and then stabbed the child before killing the woman in front of her family.

“These are not regular enemies,” he said about Hamas. “These are not regular situations. I saw little kids who were beheaded. We didn’t know which head belongs to which kid.”

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Multiple reports have surfaced following Hamas’ attacks in Israel. These reports detail the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians. Earlier this month, Israeli security agencies released footage of the interrogations of seven Hamas terrorists following the Oct. 7 attacks.

In one of the videos, a Hamas militant captured during an assault on Kibbutz Alumim said they were ordered to enter each Israeli home and kill everyone, including the women and children.

Another terrorist said they were each promised $10,000 and an apartment as a reward for taking hostages back to Gaza. During the attack against Israel, Hamas abducted around 230 people.

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Son of Hamas leader Mosab Hassan Yousef
Son of Hamas leader Mosab Hassan Yousef

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