Adnan offers us the perfect example to see just how difficult life can be for a person who abandons Islam and instead accepts Christ as his Saviour. Currently Adnan is facing many problems and hurdles on a daily basis; however in spite of this he remains proud of his decision to surrender his life to Christ. No amount of threats nor physical harm could defeat his passion for Christ. Adnan trusts that if the Lord has chosen him, then it is for a purpose and he will both protect him and prevent him from straying towards the devil’s path.

According to the Islamic Sharia law the conversion of a Muslim from the Islamic faith to Christianity is considered an unpardonable crime.  It is considered apostasy and is consequently punishable by death. Pakistan as a state has clear confusion regarding these laws.  On the one hand its democratic constitution allows religious freedom to all Pakistani citizens, and yet on the other hand the existence of the Islamic Sharia law which deprives Muslims from freedom to think, doubt, question, express opinion or choose in what to believe. A Muslim will always remain a Muslim, willingly or unwillingly, and even if necessary “through force”.

Abandoning Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is equivalent to inviting death. When Adnan decided to devote the rest of his life to Jesus Christ without thinking of the consequences, he was inviting just that. Adnan not only faced persecution from Pakistani society and authorities, but also from his very own family.

Adnan had to flee from Pakistan along with his wife in order to both save their lives, and freely practice their Christian faith. They are both currently living a difficult and unhappy existence as asylum seekers in Thailand. Thai authorities consider the couple as illegal immigrants, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok is reluctant to resettle them to an alternative safer nation.

Jesus never proclaimed that following Him would be easy nor did He assure us that as his Disciples we were guaranteed a comfortable life. However he did guarantee one thing: the disciple who stands firm right until the end will be saved and will receive the glorious crown of the life. Adnan believes in His Lord´s promise, and is ready to face whatever challenges come his way whilst serving Him.

Please contact us if your heart cries out for your brother in Christ: he who has put his whole life at stake for the love of His Savior. Adnan´s family is in need of your support in order to survive their time in Thailand, and to enable them to move to a safer nation where they can live a Christian life complete with rights, respect, and dignity. May God bless you all.

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