Author: Charles Wesley

O how happy are they,
Who the Savior obey,
And whose treasure is laid up above!
Tongue can never express
The sweet comfort and peace
Of a soul in its earliest love.

That comfort was mine,
When the favor divine
I first found in the blood of the Lamb;
When my heart first believed,
O what joy I received,
What a heaven in Jesus’s name!

‘Twas a heaven below
The Redeemer to know,
And the angels could do nothing more,
Than to fall at his feet,
And the story repeat,
And the Savior of sinners adore.

Jesus all the day long
Was my joy and my song:
O that all his salvation might see!
“He hath loved me,” I cried,
“He hath suffered and died,
To redeem such a rebel as me.”

On the wings of his love,
I was carried above
All sin and temptation, and pain.
I could not believe
That I ever should grieve,
That I ever should suffer again.

I rode on the sky,
Freely justified I,
Nor envied Elijah his seat;
My glad soul mounted higher
In a chariot of fire,
And the world was put under my feet.

O the rapturous height
Of that holy delight
Which I felt in the life giving blood!
Of my Savior possessed,
I was perfectly blest,
Overwhelmed with the fulness of God.

What a mercy is this!
What a heaven of bliss!
How unspeakably favored am I!
Gathered into the fold,
With believers enrolled,
With believers to live and to die!

Now my remnant of days
Would I spend to his praise,
Who hath died my poor soul to redeem.
Whether many or few,
All my years are his due;
May they all be devoted to him.

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