Author: Sarah K. Wagner

O God of Isaac and of Abraham,
Unchanging Lord, Thou art the Great I AM!
There is no age Thou dost not understand—
Let youth be shadowed by Thy steady hand.

Stay Thou our eager feet when we would rush;
Replace impatient zeal with trusting hush.
Lord, spare us from the folly of demand;
He runs more fleet who waits for Thy command.

When sheep once Thine have strayed without the fold,
When those we trusted falter and grow cold,
When hopes are frayed, we would not be unmoored—
Support us through life’s disappointments, Lord.

Life is too serious to be idled past;
Ourselves too weak, eternity too vast.
Mere feelings will not keep the soul secure—
Thou art our Rock; by faith we shall endure.

Safe in Thy care, what courage fills the soul!
What strength is ours when Thou art in control!
Lead as Thou led the sons of Abraham,
O God of Youth, O Thou the Great I AM!

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