Author: Charles W. Naylor,

The church of God one body is,
One Spirit dwells within;
And all her members are redeemed,
And triumph over sin.

O church of God! I love thy courts,
Thou mother of the free;
Thou blessed home of all the saved,
I dwell content in thee.

Divinely built, divinely ruled,
To God she doth submit;
His will her love, His truth her guide,
Her path is glory-lit.

God sets her members each in place,
According to His will—
Apostles, prophets, teachers, all,
His purpose to fulfill.

Salvation is her holy walls,
The cross her sign of pow’r;
Her captain is the mighty God,
Who guards her every hour.

Stand in thy beauty, church of God,
With righteousness arrayed;
Put on thy strength and face thy foes
With courage undismayed.

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