Notable Jewish Converts From Judaism To Christianity

Brilliant Jewish Scientist Declares Jesus Is His Savior

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Alfred Edersheim – Biblical scholar
Peter Engel – American television producer who is best known for his teenage sitcoms which appeared on TNBC, he was raised Jewish, and has converted to Christianity.

Hans Feibusch – German painter and sculptor of Jewish heritage, He converted to Christianity and was baptized and confirmed into the Church of England in 1965.
Charles L. Feinberg (1909 –1995) – American biblical scholar and professor of Semitics and Old Testament. In 1930, he converted from Judaism to Christianity through the ministry of Chosen People Ministries.
Pero Ferrús – Castilian poet
Ilya Fondaminsky – Jewish Russian author (writing under the pseudonym Bunakov) and political activist, he adopted Christianity and was christened a Russian Orthodox.
Achille Fould – French financier and politician
Jacob Frank – 18th century Jewish reformer who claimed to be the reincarnation of the self-proclaimed messiah Sabbatai Zevi. He later converted to Christianity in Poland in 1759.
Wilhelm Frankl – World War I fighter ace credited with 20 aerial victories. he converted to Christianity.
The Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser – Christian minister and former Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral
Heinrich von Friedberg – German jurist and statesman
Ludwig Friedländer – German philologist who later converted to Protestantism.
Julius Friedländer, 1833
Julius Friedländer – German numismatist, Friedländer’s entire family embraced Christianity in 1820.

Dennis Gabor – Hungarian-British electrical engineer and physicist, he later received the 1971 Nobel Prize in Physics. In 1918, he and his family converted to Lutheranism.
Eduard Gans – German philosopher and jurist, exponent of the conservative Right Hegelians
Hermann Mayer Salomon Goldschmidt – German astronomer and painter

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Fritz Haber – German chemist and Nobel laureate in Chemistry
Heinrich Heine – German writer
Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle – German physician, pathologist and anatomist

Brilliant Jewish Scientist Declares Jesus Is His Savior
Brilliant Jewish Scientist Declares Jesus Is His Savior

Abram Ioffe – prominent Russian/Soviet physicist. In 1911 he converted to Lutheranism.
Jorge Isaacs – Colombian writer, politician and soldier

Heinrich Jacoby – German educator
Georg Jellinek – German legal philosopher
Paul S. L. Johnson – American scholar and pastor

David Kalisch – German playwright and humorist
Felix Philipp Kanitz – Austro-Hungarian naturalist, geographer, ethnographer, archaeologist and author of travel notes
Andrew Klavan – filmmaker and novelist
Leopold Kronecker – German mathematician and logician

Shia LaBeouf – Hollywood actor who decided to leave Judaism and become a Christian while playing a Christian character in the movie Fury (2014). He had previously contributed to a book entitled I am Jewish in 2004.
Karl Landsteiner – Austrian biologist and physician, In 1930 he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in 1890
Hermann Lebert – German physician
Karl Lehrs – German classical scholar
Osip Mikhailovich Lerner – 19th century Russian intellectual and lawyer
Fanny Lewald – German author
Francois Libermann (1802-1852) – French Jewish convert to Catholicism. He found the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary which merged with the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (Spiritans). He was declared venerable in the Roman Catholic Church (1876) by Pope Pius IX.
Luis Ramírez de Lucena – Spanish chess player who published the first still-existing chess book. He is from a family of Jews who converted to Roman Catholicism.
Jean-Marie Lustiger – Cardinal, former Archbishop of Paris

Alyse Merritt – She grew up as a devout Jew who loved the Torah and wanted little to do with the Christian faith, until her encounter with God.
Heinrich Gustav Magnus – German chemist and physicist
Ludwig Immanuel Magnus – German mathematician
Gustav Mahler – composer (1860–1911)
Lise Meitner – Austrian physicist who worked on radioactivity and nuclear physics. She converted to Christianity, following Lutheranism, and was baptized in 1908.
Alexander Men – Russian priest, Orthodox theologian and author (assassinated 1990)
Felix Mendelssohn – composer (1809–1847)
Hugh Montefiore – Anglican Bishop of Birmingham from 1977 to 1987
Robert Moses – politician and “master builder” of 20th century New York City

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John von Neumann – Hungarian-American pure and applied mathematician, physicist, inventor, computer scientist, and polymath. He was baptized a Catholic in 1930.
Karl Friedrich Neumann – German orientalist
Robert Novak – raised in secular Jewish culture, he converted to Catholicism in May 1998 after his prolific career as a journalist, columnist, and political commentator.

Harry Frederick Oppenheimer – South African businessman

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