Author: Daniel S. Warner, pub.

Ere Christ will reign within thy heart,
All rivals must from thence depart;
Then cast thy boasted works away,
And by His grace be saved today.

Oh, wondrous grace, oh, gift divine!
Now Jesus saves me all the time;
For all the world He did atone;
Come, sinner, bow at mercy’s throne.

Good works of men oft trusted in
Will ne’er remove the guilt of sin;
A rebel lost, be this thy plea,
Then Heaven’s grace will set you free.

When works are vaunted, self is god,
And pride disdains the precious blood;
Oh, foolish, blind, conceited worm,
What works but sin canst thou perform?

Self-righteous man, thy false pretense
Of meritorious excellence
Will prove a curse when Christ shall come,
And sink thy soul to endless doom.

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