North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un Encounters God And Repents – Man Shares Dream

North Korea President Kim Jong-Un
North Korea President Kim Jong-Un

In the live video recorded and posted to Facebook last week, a New York-based author shared about a dream he had in which the North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un encountered God and repented of his sins.

Jonathan Welton runs a discipleship school and is based out of New Hope Community Church in Rochester and described his dream as “vivid,” “detailed” and “prophetic.”

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Welton in his dream, saw Kim surrounded by three dark figures, and he knew that they were demons. Each demon had a name attached to its chest. “Arrogance” was the first, “Autarch” (a synonym for dictator) was the second, and the third was “Ancestral momentum.”  

“Those three demons were surrounding him, were speaking into his ears and he was being pressured and pushed by these three demonic spirits,” Welton recounted in a video he posted on Facebook.

Then, something incredible happened. Four leaders from the Church appeared and as they did so a stream of water began to flow from each of them. Those streams of water washed the demons away from Kim.

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He did not mention the leaders by name but said he was in touch with them about how their ministries might play a role in Kim’s deliverance.

As the demonic spirits were cleansed from Kim three angels then came to replace them. Three angels, with three different names. “Humility” was the first. Then there was “Servant Leadership” and the third, “New Creation,” according to Christian Post.

These angels began to “marinate” the North Korean leader in the presence of God and Welton saw Kim begin to wake up out of a cold sweat as he was having dreams.

“Not nightmares, but prophetic dreams,” Welton said of what he saw Kim experiencing.

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“And the Lord was beginning to speak to him over and over again, it would wake him up like King Nebuchadnezzar was woken up in the night with a dream from God.”

These dreams from the Lord were terrifying Kim while simultaneously delivering him from demonic oppression, he went on to explain.

Welton brought up the reality of spiritual warfare, citing the passage in the book of Daniel where Michael the archangel waged war for 21 days in the heavenly realm to get God’s message to Daniel.

In the dream, Kim became a “humble, broken leader” who turned to the Lord, who became a “sign and wonder to this entire planet, to this generation,” Welton said.

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Kim’s heart had been shifted so much that he was asking for forgiveness from the rest of the nations of the earth for the terror, immaturity, and arrogance that his regime had exhibited, and the horror for the way he had treated his people.

Welton then saw Kim speaking about how he had turned his heart over to Jesus.

“This is not a done deal, this is potential,” he said of the dream as he invited people to pray.

Welton added that he was planning to fast for the next seven days.

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Prophetic dream about Kim Jong-Un.

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The three angels were: humility, servant leadership, and new creation (sorry I forgot the third while filming)

Posted by Jonathan Welton on Thursday, August 10, 2017

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