Kevin Burgess, better known as “KB,” recently took to social media to encourage Kanye West in his newfound faith in Christ Jesus, emphasizing that he doesn’t hope Kanye becomes “a great Christian artist, but a great Christian.”

Last week, Andrew Barber of the Chicago hip-hop music blog Fake Shore Drive shared that during his albums second listening, Kanye announced that he would no longer be making secular music.

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“Kanye also announced that he is no longer making secular music. Only Gospel from here on out,” Barber wrote in a tweet.

The announcement received various reactions from fans, some commending the move, others nervous that his new music wouldn’t be as good as his past.

KB, who is extremely vocal about his personal faith, shared a statement to Instagram, saying that his prayer “is not that Kanye would become a great Christian artist, but a great Christian.”

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He further asked that people would not “co-opt his effort as a win for a genre, but pray, hope, believe for a win for the kingdom.”

“Ultimately, our greatest desire is not his Christian music, we want his soul anchored in Christ,” he added. “No one among us is qualified to qualify how ‘real’ this moment is.”

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KB pointed out that that is not a Christians’ job to determine, but Jesus’s, adding, “the Holy Spirit is always authentic and where we see him working, even in small ways we pray and rejoice!”

“Perhaps this perceived sincerity is short lived…but dear saints of God, pray that it isn’t,” he concluded. “You don’t need to know how Kanye plans to persevere or undo all the failures to simply pray and rejoice where you see grace abounding.”

Earlier this year, Kanye became more vocal about his faith when he started hosting his now-famous “Sunday Services.”


Kanye, who recently proclaimed he is a “born-again Christian,” appeared on stage with Chance the Rapper this past weekend, both pointing to the heavens and declaring “Jesus Christ is king.”

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Kanye’s faith journey has drawn both major criticism, questions, as well as applause from fans and critics alike.

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Although his transformation from calling himself Yeezus, to proclaiming himself a follower of Jesus, can bring skepticism, KB’s words remind us that there should be freedom in being a new believer.

While many doubt and many believed , we own Kanye and others prayer, that they become great Christians too.

Keep praying for Kanye to heed the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and to continue to seek God every single day.

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