Author: Frances Brook,

My home is God Himself; Christ brought me there,
And bade me dwell in Him, rejoicing there;
He bore me where no foot but His hath trod,
Within the holiest at home with God.
O holy place! O home divinely fair!
And we, God’s little ones, abiding there.

A long, long road I traveled night and day,
And sought to find within myself some way,
Aught I could do or feel to bring me near;
Self-effort failed, and I was filled with fear,
And then I found Christ was the only way
That I must come to Him and in Him stay.

O wondrous place! O home divinely fair!
And I, God’s little one, safe hidden there;
Lord, as I dwell in Thee and Thou in me,
So make me dead to everything but Thee;
That as I rest within my home most fair,
I’ll share my God in all and everywhere.

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