Muhammad Cannot Love You Like Jesus Christ; An Ex-muslim’s Testimony


An Ex-Muslim “David Rothfuss” from Pakistan says:

People often ask me; why did I become a Christian? Why did I leave Islam? What have I found, what did I gain? Well, the best thing, the most important thing I have found since I became Christian is love of Jesus Christ. You would say that; where is that love, can we see that? Well, there are things that you cannot see because there is no scientifically proof of that; there is no material to show you as proof. But there are signs and I have signs.

I feel the signs that Jesus Christ loves me. The things which were impossible before, the things which were difficult, Jesus Christ has made those possible for me.

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This kind of love I never felt when I was a Muslim. I never received this kind of love from Allah or Muhammad because there was very much fear. It was all about fear. If you don´t do this you will be sent to hell. If you don’t do that you will be punished. If you don’t do this you will be burnt into hell. A lot of threats and very much fear.

But when you read Bible it’s all about love. Jesus Christ even teaches you to love your enemy. See how great that love is that he is asking you to love your enemy! Then imagine how much love He will give you! And I receive that love. That is why I am telling you to try to feel that love. Jesus Christ is an unlimited source of love. The love that you cannot even receive from your parents. The love that He is going to provide you forever, even in eternal life.

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So, when you surrender yourself to Jesus Christ there is no fear in life. There is only love, love and love. So my invitation to all my Muslim friends is that try to feel love of Jesus Christ and  then see your life will change. Amen.

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