Author: Sarah K. Wagner,

Morning dawns: arise, arise!
Christian, stand and seize the prize
Of a day unmarred, untrod,
Fresh new seeds and unturned sod.
God’s hand holds it, strong and kind,
Yesterday all left behind;
As clear shining after rain,
Comes the morning: swell the strain—
God is in today!

Lift your heart and lift your eyes;
See God’s finger in the skies,
Softly brushing gentle hues,
Setting diamonds in the dews.
Do you hear th’ unspoken call?
Rise, and give today your all!
Gird your armor in its place;
To your Captain lift your face.
God is in today!

Christian, rise while yet ’tis day!
While the dews on green leaves sway;
Frail grass withers, flowers fade,
Down to dust the tree is laid.
Like a disappearing breath,
Morning ages on to death;
Seize today! ’Twill not last long;
Are you weak? Your God is strong!
God is in today!

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