Missionaries Using Drones To Send Bible Into North Korea


People are risking their lives to smuggle the text across North Korea’s border

When you are trying to get the word of God into a country as heavily restricted as North Korea, you need to think creatively. For a few years, mission workers have been sending balloons into the sky and across the border into the communist nation. These will often contain flash drives with the Bible on them. However, a more hi-tech solution may be coming into use: drones.

“It is becoming too dangerous and bulky to bring in hard copy bibles,” one Korean source familiar with the operations said, according to Fox News. “Over the past 10 years, there has been a growing demand for ‘outside’ information — whether religious or secular.”

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Still, people risk their lives to smuggle the text across the border.

“The Bibles are printed in another country, and then secretly taken and distributed in North Korea, usually a few at a time,” Vernon Brewer, founder and president of Christian humanitarian organization World Help, told Fox News. “The people who smuggle bibles have to be extremely careful, changing their route and taking other precautions to avoid getting caught.”

But is there some hope on the horizon for the spread of the gospel in this oppressive nation?

“North Korea no longer has an iron grip on the spread of information in the country,” said Ben Gabriel of Alpha Relief. “The Christian message has a strong appeal to people trapped in that kind of system. If you’ve given your life over to Christ, no one can take it from you. That is true freedom. It is freedom from fear.”

North Korea has been the Number one country where it is Most Dangerous To Be Christian for 18 years now according to Open Doors USA annual list.

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