North Korea’s Christianity Growing Amid Persecution


Despite the persecution faced by Christians in the world’s most difficult place for Christians, the church continues to grow there, Kim Chung-seong, a North Korean defector now working as a Christian missionary, says.

However, despite such brutal oppression of Christians, the faith is flourishing, according to one defector.

Kim Chung-seong was able to escape North Korea before his scheduled execution, according to The Christian Post. He is now in South Korea and actively involved in missions work.

Kim Chung-seong fled North Korea the night before his execution. He is now a radio presenter in South Korea.

“The one thing that the North Korean regime fears the most, and is afraid of, is the spreading of the Gospel,” he said while attending the first annual World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians in Washington, D.C. “Because the Bible and the Gospel speaks the truth. Once the light shines in the dark room, there is light in the room.”

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“They (the government) will do anything to prevent the spread of the Gospel in North Korea. [But] as you can see, we cannot block the sunlight with our hand,” he continued.

Despite the efforts of the government in North Korea, he said, the faith of Christians in that country continues to grow.

“Christians are forced to hide their faith completely from government authorities, neighbors and often, even their own spouses and children. Due to ever-present surveillance, many pray with eyes open, and gathering for praise or fellowship is practically impossible,” Open Doors explains.

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“Worship of the ruling Kim family is mandated for all citizens, and those who don’t comply (including Christians) are arrested, imprisoned, tortured or killed. Entire Christian families are imprisoned in hard labor camps, where unknown numbers die each year from torture, beatings, overexertion and starvation.

Those who attempt to flee to South Korea through China risk execution or life imprisonment, and those who stay behind often fare no better,” the organization adds.

“However, the most important work is to fill the North Korean peoples’ minds with Jesus Christ because the truth will set you free,” Kim told the summit audience Friday. “It’s my earnest prayer that the truth will set each of my North Korean brothers and sisters free.”

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North Korea is ranked as the most severely persecuted nation on Earth when it comes to Christians openly practicing their faith.

North Korea has been the Number one country where it is Most Dangerous To Be Christian for 18 years now according to Open Doors USA annual list.

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