Poland: Thousands Gather To Pray For Global Revival


Thousands of Polish Christians gathered together across Poland’s border to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, praying and seeking after a revival in their nation and across the world.

The controversial “Rosary to the Borders” event was organized by lay Catholics but was also endorsed by Polish church authorities, with 320 churches from 22 dioceses taking part, according to ABC.

Poland Declares: “Jesus Christ Is Our King, Muslims Should Leave Us”

Out of 38 million Poles, more than 90 percent declare themselves Roman Catholics. However, controversy arose when the organizers stated that they were celebrating the 16th Century battle of Lepanto defeated Ottoman Empire forces on the Ionian Sea, “thus saving Europe from Islamization,” as organizers put it.

“Islam wants to destroy Europe,” said one attendee. “They want to turn us away from Christianity.”

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