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The Melisizwe Brothers are a group of young musicians from Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines aged between 10 and 15 years old, that have been blessed with a wonderful talent and have been winning the hearts of audiences through their special gift in their hometown.

The Melisizwe Brothers are comprised of Mark Aaron James, Seth Jared James and Zachery Justen James. According to the children’s mother and father, Sherry and Mark James, the name ‘Melisizwe’, pronounced ‘Me-lis-we’, was specially chosen. Mark James has stated; “We believe that a name is important, so we wanted one that had meaning.” After much research, he said, they chose the South African name which means ‘Leaders of the future/nation,’ as they wanted their children to be leaders within themselves first.

About Zacary Justen James

The Melisizwe Brothers - Zacary Justen James
The Melisizwe Brothers – Zacary Justen James

Zacary Justen James was born 2009, in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and the love of his life is music. Zacary, lead vocalist of the group, plays several instruments including piano, drums, violin, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand drums and steel pan. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 4 but fell in love with every instrument he could get his hands on.

Zacary loves entertaining the family, friends and, of course, his fans. His passion is to travel and learn about different countries and their culture. In addition to music, Zacary is an excellent track and field athlete.

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About Seth Jared James

The Melisizwe Brothers - Seth Jared James
The Melisizwe Brothers – Seth Jared James

Seth Jared James was born 2008 in Toronto, Ontario Canada and is said to be the “glue” of the trio. Seth plays the violin, acoustic guitar, drums and hand drums, but his main instrument is the piano. Seth started piano lessons at the age of 5 and because of his drive and quick understanding of music, has progressed rapidly through the levels.

Along with his brothers, Seth has a very bright future in track and field. He also shares the family passion for travelling around the world with his brothers. He hopes to share his musical talents with the world.

Marc Aaron James

The Melisizwe Brothers - Marc Aaron James
The Melisizwe Brothers – Marc Aaron James

Marc Aaron James was born 2004 in Toronto, Ontario Canada and is a true leader and excellent example for his younger brothers. Marc’s parents noticed his love of singing at age 4 and enrolled him in lessons. Marc plays the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, clarinet, piano. He also shares lead vocals and sings harmonies for the band.

Marc’s love and passion is for classical singing. He began classical vocal training at the age of 6 and continues to this day. Marc also enjoys writing and composing songs for the group. As is his brothers, Marc is an excellent track athlete.

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The Melisizwe Brothers – Zacary James, Seth James and Marc James
The Melisizwe Brothers – Zacary James, Seth James and Marc James

Family of the Melisizwe Brothers offers free music and vocal classes for children and adults, at their home in Upper Fair Hall. Persons may just turn up, choose an instrument and begin learning the theory and practice of music.

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The boys, fans of Michael Jackson, recently did a wonderful cover of Michael’s song ‘Ben.’ Listen to the Melisizwe Brothers sing Michael’s early classic below:


  1. Hi. I am Tamira from South Africa. I first saw the Melisizwe Brothers on the Steve Harvey Show and I’ve been following them ever since. I was fascinated by their band name. I would like to help out with the pronunciation of the name you chose. It is pronounced exactly how it’s written (meh-lee-see-zweh). It means “stand up/represent the nation” while “Holisizwe” pronounced (ho-lee-see-zweh) means “lead the nation”. I hope my comment was useful. I wish the Melisizwe Brothers all the best.

  2. I recently started following Melisizwe Brothers. Uhmmm I am speechless about the way they execute their talent. I wish to attend one of their live shows in real life. I wish them the very best in their future endeavors. God bless you guys. Remain humble before God. You will surely go far

  3. am so blessed with the Melisizwe brothers as the sing,continue with what you are doing.I can you are on the ight direction and all your goals in music will be accomplished.Keep it up guys.Am fom Malawi [Africa] by the way.

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