All the future years are held within the Father’s keeping;
On the pages yet unturned, we cannot read a line;
But His promises, like stars, will light the night of weeping;
All along our pilgrim way, His word will shine.

Love is shining all along our way;
God is caring for us every day;
Lord, whatever changes in our lives may be,
Oh, may our hearts be stayed on Thee!

Press with courage on your way, for Jesus goes before us;
He will strengthen us anew, for tasks He may assign;
Let the children of the King ring out a happy chorus;
All along our pilgrim way, His grace will shine.

Ever will we trust His word, and trust our Father’s caring;
Ever will we rest our faith upon His truth divine;
Looking to the mercy seat, in joy we go declaring,
All along our pilgrim way, His love will shine.


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