Written By Charles Frederick Weigle

Living for Jesus, oh, what peace!
Rivers of pleasure never cease;
Trials may come, yet I’ll not fear,
Living for Jesus, He is near.

Help me to serve Thee more and more,
Help me to praise Thee o’er and o’er;
Live in Thy presence day by day,
Never to turn from Thee away.

Living for Jesus, oh, what rest!
Pleasing my Savior, I am blest;
Only to live for Him alone,
Doing His will till life is done.

Living for Jesus, everywhere,
All of my burdens He doth bear;
Friends may forsake me, He’ll be true;
Trusting in Him, He’ll guide me through.

Living for Jesus, till at last
Into His glory I have passed;
There to behold Him on His throne,
Hear from His lips, ‘My child, well done!’


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