How often I’ve pondered my struggles within,
Between the good Spirit and indwelling sin,
A foe in the temple not subject to God;
But now I am free through the wonderful blood.

I’ll say the great word, yes, I’ll say the great word;
I’m all on the altar that sanctifies me:
I’ll tell it forever and honor my Lord;
Yes, glory to Jesus! I’ll say the great word.

All resting on Jesus, the altar divine,
There can be no failure, salvation is mine;
Though Satan should whisper, ‘It may not be so,’
I’ll testify stronger, I’m whiter than snow.

My feelings are given to Father’s control,
His wisdom shall govern my body and soul;
His word is sufficient, I seek not a sign,
I grasp but the promise, and Jesus is mine.

The tide of emotion may run as it will,
The Son and the Father abide in me still;
I dare not confide in a rapturous frame,
But stand on the promise forever the same.

All nature may perish, the heavens may fall,
But Jesus is ever my all and in all;
Creation may crumble to chaos and dust,
In God my salvation securely I trust.


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