We are soldiers, little soldiers,
Fighting for our King and Lord;
Every time we win a battle,
He has promised a reward;
He has promised every soldier,
If they dare the right to do,
Promised them a crown of glory,
If they fight the battle through.

So we march, march away,
Not a moment’s delay,
‘Neath our banner bright, for God and right,
We’re sure to win the day.

We are soldiers, little soldiers,
Bravely fighting every sin;
With our Savior for our Captain
We shall all our battles win;
He has promised, if we ask Him,
He will help us day by day;
So we’ll bravely march to battle,
Praying, singing all the way.

When at last the fight is over,
And we’ve reached the heav’nly shore,
We shall hear our Savior saying,
‘Rest, my soldiers, evermore;
You have bravely fought My battles,
Bravely fought and nobly won,
Enter into joys eternal-
Soldiers of the Lord, well done!’


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