Listen now, my friend, to this warning song:
Your life may not continue long;
Lay aside your habits of sin and wrong,
For Satan’s pull is very strong.

You can never tell if the sun will rise.
Life’s short, then we die.
So prepare for your home on high.

For the world at best cannot give to you
What Jesus promised He will do:
He will send His Spirit to comfort you,
And make your life more useful, too.

Jesus stands at the door-will you let Him in?
He wants to cleanse you from your sin.
There He waits for you-will you now begin
To seek the way that pleases Him?

This song’s roots can be traced back to ‘Oh, Why Not Tonight?’ At some point that song was translated into Russian, paired with a native tune, and used by the underground church. Emmigrants brought it to North America, where it was translated back into English and versified.


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