1.Take My Hand, Precious Lord – (with Marion Williams)
2.It’s A Highway To Heaven – (with Alex Bradford)
3.Hide Me In Thy Bosom – (with The Dixie Hummingbirds)
4.I’m Going To Live The Life I Sing About In My Song – (with Marion Williams)
5.Peace In The Valley, (There’ll Be) – (with R.H Harris)
6.What Could I Do – (with Marion Williams)
7.I’m Waiting For Jesus – (with The Dixie Hummingbirds)
8.I Don’t Know Why – (with Bessie Griffin)
9.If You See My Savior – (with Alex Bradford)
10.If We Never Needed The Lord Before – (with Marion Williams)
11.Thy Servant’s Prayer Amen – (mono, with R.H. Harris)
12.Search Me Lord – (with Bessie Griffin)
13.When The Gates Swing Open – (with The Dixie Hummingbirds)
14.My Desire – (with Delois Barrett Campbell)
15.Old Ship Of Zion – (with Bessie Griffin)
16.How Many Times – (with Alex Bradford)
17.I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go – (with Sallie Martin)
18.Never Turn Back – (with R.H. Harris)
19.Lord Will Make A Way Somehow, The – (with Marion Williams)

Tracks of Disc 1
1.Through Train Blues
2.Lonesome Man Blues
3.Grievin’ Me Blues
4.It’s Tight Like That
5.It’s Red Hot
6.Too Black Bad
7.Good Gordon Gin
8.Down The Alley
9.Long Ago Blues
10.It’s Tight Like That
11.How Long How Long Blues
12.You Can’t Come In
13.It’s Tight Like That No 2
14.Selling That Stuff
15.Beedle Um Bum
16.Juicy Lemon Blues
17.Chicago Moan Blues
18.Strange Woman Blues
19.Jelly Whippin’ Blues
20.Uncle Bud (Dog-Gone Him)
21.Train Time Blues
22.How Long, How Long Blues
23.It’s Tight Like That
24.Sho’ Is Hot
25.Mess, Katie, Mess

Tracks of Disc 2
1.Boot It Boy
2.My Daddy Rocks Me
3.Givin’ It Away
4.What You Gonna Do
5.It’s So Nice
6.Voice Of The Blues
7.The Duck’s Yas-Yas-Yas
8.Pat That Bread
9.What Is That Tastes Like Gravy
10.You Better Tighten Up On It
11.Prison Bound Blues
12.You Got To Reap What You Sow
13.I Wonder Where My Easy Rider’s Gone
14.Come On Mama, Do That Dance
15.Friendless Blues
16.Pig Meat Papa
17.Hear Me Beefin’ At You
18.Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here
19.Saturday Night Scrontch
20.Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here
21.Strewin’ Your Mess
22.Dying Mercy Blues
23.Whiskey Drinkin’ Blues
24.Doggin’ Me Around Blues
25.Worried Man Blues

Tracks of Disc 3
1.Tomorrow Blues
2.Billie The Grinder
3.Blue Moanin’ Blues
4.Kunjine Baby
5.That Stuff You Sell
6.Station Time Blues
7.Moanin’ Heart Blues
8.Chicago Moan Blues
9.Black Hearted Blues
10.But They Got It Fixed Right On
11.Corrine Corrina No2
12.The Dirty Dozen No2
13.I.C. Moan Blues
14.Cryin’ Shame Blues
15.You Rascal You No1
16.You Rascal You
17.She Can Love So Good
18.Bear Cat’s Kitten
19.Unhappy Blues
20.Jealous Hearted Mama Blues
21.They Call It Boogie Woogie
22.Toogaloo Blues
23.Jinx Doctor Blues
24.Boogie Woogie Dance
25.Bumble Bee Blues

Tracks of Disc 4
1.New Strangers Blues
2.Georgia Hound Blues
3.Things ‘Bout Coming My Way
4.Cotton Seed Blues
5.Stop And Listen Blues
6.Down In Spirit Blues
7.Mama Don’t Leave Me Here
8.Please Mister Blues
9.No Matter How She Done It
10.Reckless Man Blues
11.Don’t Leave Me Here
12.Dead Cats On The Line
13.You Can’t Get That Stuff No More
14.Things ‘Bout Coming My Way No 2
15.Turpentine Blues
16.Western Bound Blues
17.I’ll Kill Your Soul (And Dare Your Spirit To Move)
18.If I Let You Get Away With It (You’ll Do It All The Time)
19.I’ll Find My Way
20.You’ve Got To Do Better
21.Kingfish Blues
22.That Stuff Is Here
23.Black Angel Blues
24.Things ‘Bout Coming My Way
25.Denver Blues

Thomas A. Dorsey also appears in this Compilation
Tracks of Disc 1
8.Blue Moon
12.Crying In The Chapel
24.If We Never Meet Again
Tracks of Disc 2
8.O Sole Mio
9.Just Because
12.Merry Christmas Baby
14.Milky White Way
17.Blues Stay Away From Me
18.My Happiness
19.Mystery Train
Tracks of Disc 3
2.Silver Bells
3.Take My Hand Precious Lord
8.Tomorrow Night
10.G’schichten Aus Dem Wienerwald
12.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
17.You’ll Never Walk Alone
19.La Golondrina
20.Aura Lee
21.La Paloma
22.La Golondrina
23.Santa Lucia
24.Torna A Surriento
25.I Believe In The Man In The Sky

Tracks of Disc 4
2.Ke Kali Nei Au
3.Blue Moon Billy Ecksine
5.Frankie And Johnny
6.I’ve Got Confidence
19.Baby Let’s Play House

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