Tracks of Disc 1
2.The Pressure Part 1
4.Your Wish Is My Command
6.I Believe
7.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
8.I’m Going All the Way
9.Black Butterfly
10.The Harder They Are the Bigger They Fall
11.The Lord Will Make a Way
12.Spirit – (featuring Craig Mack)
13.Love Will Never Change
14.Love Train
15.Hold on (Change Is Comin’)
16.Soul Holidays
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Tracks of Disc 1
1.Hold On, Pt. 1 – (North American Indian)
2.I’m Going All the Way – (North American Indian)
3.Ah Been Buked, Pt. 1
4.I Believe – (North American Indian)
5.Hold On, Pt. 2
6.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright – (North American Indian)
7.Sun-Up to Sundown – (North American Indian)
8.Lord Will Make a Way, The – (North American Indian)
9.He Took Away All My Pain – (North American Indian)
10.Place in My Heart, A – (North American Indian)
11.Harder They Are the Bigger They Fall, The – (North American Indian)
12.Drum, The (Africa to America)
13.African Medley: Royal Kingdom / Rise / My Native Land: Royal Kingdoms / Rise / My Native Land – (North American Indian)
14.Very Special Love, A – (North American Indian)
15.Strange Fruit – (North American Indian)
16.Black Butterfly – (North American Indian)
17.You’ve Taken My Blues and Gone – (North American Indian)
18.Livin’ the Blues – (North American Indian)
19.Ah Been Buked, Pt. 2 – (North American Indian)
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Vibe: “Sounds of Blackness touch nearly every genre of black folks’ music on their new album…”
Tracks of Disc 1
2.Spirit – (featuring Craig Mack)
3.We Are Gonna Make It Through (Part 1)
4.Hold on (Change Is Comin’)
5.Love Will Never Change
6.Love Train
7.God Cares
8.Hold on (Don’t Let Go)
10.We Are Gonna Make It Through (Part 2)
11.You Can Make It If You Try
12.The Blackness Blues
13.A Spiritual Medley: I’ll Open My Mouth To The Lord / Better Be Ready / Rockin’ Jerusalem / Ezekiel Saw De Wheel
14.So Far Away
15.Familiar Waters
16.Time For Healing
17.We Are Gonna Make It Through (Part 3)
18.Hold on (Change Is Comin’) – (Roger Troutman remix)
19.Kwanzaa-Umoja-Uhuru :: First Fruits Of The Harvest-Unity-Freedom
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Tracks of Disc 1
1.Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
3.God Is Love
4.Audacity of Hope (We Are One)
6.The Path of Healing
7.God Bless the Child
9.Certainly Lord
10.Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel / Joshua F’it the Battle of Jericho
11.Swing Low Street Chariot
12.Steal Away
13.Great Gettin’ Up Mornin’
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Tracks of Disc 1
1.DJ Intros
3.You Are the One
4.Thank You
6.Twenty Four & Back Again
7.Old Times Sake
8.Tell Me What You Thinkin’ ‘Bout
10.Love Will Change Things
11.Don’t Be Afraid to Dream
12.Straight Ahead
13.Reconciliation Blues – (interlude)
14.Sounds Of Blackness / Take The “A” Train

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