1.Harvest – Mountain Climber
I’m climbing a mountain just over the valley A mountain so high I can’t see to the top I stood at the bottom and wondered if I could make it Then something within
2.Harvest – Stay in Your Love
I have seen a battle raging, and it’s taking place within I don’t do the things a ought to, I go back where I began It seem pleasant for a season, but the season surely past
3.Harvest -Seed of Faith
Jesus you said that if I believed in you I could do the same things that you did You said all it takes is a seed a faith and my mountains would fall in the sea
4.Harvest – Memories
Lord I want to be full again of the life you made so real I don’t know why but I want a way Make the memories that I’m feeling
5.Harvest – The Wedding Day
I’ve been thinking, As I look all around me I see by the signs that we’re soon going to be leaving They Bridegroom is coming To take us all away Maybe it’s tomorrow I pray that it’s today
6.Harvest- Help Me Again
There so are were so many times I stood on the firing line To tell of your love and your power If the real truth were known and I felt I could not go on I might fall in the hour I know that we walk by faith not by the things we see
7.Harvest -Freeway Preacher
Well I’m a freeway preacher with a traveling song Jesus is my message I’m on my way home I’m walking on the devil and staking a claim
8.Harvest -Behold God
Behold God is my salvation I will trust I will not be afraid Behold God is my strength and my song And he has become my Lord On days that I’m weak it’s hard to believe
9.Harvest-It’s Alright Now
I remember the time I felt your hand upon my Lord I thought that I would never rise again For you spirit had broken the pride in my heart
10.Harvest – Because I Am
Master if you’ve only hurried I know this wouldn’t have been If you’d only answered I know he wouldn’t be dead Mary if you’ve only listened to all the words that I have said
Category: 1983- Send Us To The World (10)
1.Harvest -The Blood of the Lamb
I’m weakened by the raging war Standing when I feel no more Like standing for the things that I believe Surrounded by the lives of men Who stood when hope seem at of end
2.Harvest- The Army of the Lord
Are we walking into the enemies camp Laying our weapons down Shedding our armor as we go Leaving it on the ground
3.Harvest- Jehovah Is Our Deliverer
Let all who know the Lord is their God Bow before him in worship And lift your voice, and tremble before Him
4.Harvest- Serach Me O God
Search me O God and know my heart Try me and know my mind See if there be anyway in me That keeps me from following You My heart has deceived me many times before I’ve walked in my own desires Strip away all of my selfishness Clothe…
5.Harvest- Send us to the world
People are crying the children are dying, who don’t even know Were killing by millions, brothers and sisters our hearts are so cold While Christians are sitting talking about Heaven and when they will go The world and its people move…
6.Harvest -I Will Worship the Lord
As we gather in the presence of the Lord Almighty God Our hearts begin to tremble, our spirits stand in awe The Ruler of the universe, has called to His thrown
7.Harvest – I Am The Lord
You who have me say and that you want to be I man who knows and love the Lord A stranger in this present world I wonder do you really understand, what you’re saying
8.Harvest – Holy Lamb
Holy Lamb God’s only sacrifice You came and you poured you love on me To understand just why you really died for us Would take more time than this life could ever give
9.Harvest -Holy is the Lord
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord
10.Harvest – Forever in Paradise
Soon I’m going to meet my Lord See him face to face Lead me through the fire of love To see if I’m going to stand
Category: 1984- Voices (10)
Voices in the city, voices in the street Voices in each home across the land Voices in the churches saying Peace be still Where are all the voices in my fields?
2.Harvest-The name of Jesus
Glory and Majesty be Yours Honor and power for evermore By Your Sprite and through Your Word You’ve lifted Your Son over all the earth
Harvest-The Court of the Gentiles
The court of the Gentiles looked more like a stable Then it did a holy place They were sellin their wares, cheating one another Made a mockery out of His Grace
Harvest-The Battle is the Lord’s
We have a sure defender A strong and might captain Leading us in battle His Name is Lord of all Celebrate His conquering raise his banner
Harvest-One thing I ask
One thing I ask of the Lord One thing will I will seek That I will dwell in the House of the Lord All my days
Harvest-On the water
The wind blows strong in the moonlight The sea swells round the boat Among the waves a man appears Walking while we float
Harvest- Know that I am God
Behold I lift my hand And set before you all my plans To bring to every son of man Jesus Christ the Lord
Harvest- Get me to the River
So many times I feel givin up Lord, And turnin my back on you I realize only your Love and Spirit can lead me through
Harvest-Creators Song
Worthy art thou O Lord our God To receive Glory Honor and Power
Harvest-Burn me Your Love
In the presence of the Lord Is all consuming fire The test the plan and purpose of each man and of each heart Many how are wise, when the come before His eyes
Category: 1986 – Only the Overcomers (10)
Harvest -You Only are Holy
What is man, who I am to think? I could ever try to full understand Your ways or the riches of Your grace
Harvest -The Watchmen
Living in day when sin is accepted and the people hunger only for pleasure Oh heal our land heal our land Take away the stones and build a tower
Harvest -Take me Back
I can remember how I felt that very first day Lord I remember all the words you heard me say I was a man in love with You All that I ever wanted to do Oh heal our land heal our land Take away the stones and build a tower
Harvest -Stand
The war rages on Your tired and weary from the fight But you know your not alone There’s an army standing by your side Leading you though the night
Harvest -Sing about the Blood
People singing songs of freedom People singing songs of love People singing songs of victory Saying God will prosper your works
Harvest -Only The Overcomer’s
Often the battle goes to long The courage all runs dry Victories you should have won And memories to hard to fight Dancing like shadows in the night
Harvest -Not by Might
Not by might, nor by power By my Spirit says the Lord Not by might, nor by power Will you stand and see your troubles go
Harvest – Here I Am Again
Here I Am Again Can’t remember when I heard Your Voice And felt Your touch But I know Your hear Your always near when I call
Harvest – Choose You This Day
Choose you this day you say whom you would serve Give me a heart to all ways choose you Open my eyes Help me to understand, and make me a Holy man
Harvest- Children we throw away
Children children created in the image of the Lord Children children a miracle conceived with in the womb How can you stand by and say that it isn’t your concern
Category: Harvest -Give them Back (10)
You Are My Keeper
When I don’t know which way to turn I know You protect me When I don’t know which way is right You lead me on
What Are You Singing For
You held their interest for a long long time Caught their eyes with you looks and sounds In your songs you speak of love But still they never change
Harvest -Wash me Lord
I thought I was clever Thought I was so wise Surly You could never see in side this darkness I thought that I had fooled You
Harvest -Soon that day
Soon it will be that day When everyone who says Live with the Father will be proven Only the ones who know Only the ones who know
Harvest -Rise Up
Rise up oh Judge of the earth Cover me with all Your Glory Too many days now Lord I’ve wonder from Your love Following hard after things that I don’t need
Harvest -Great Jehovah
I learned that no matter what comes You’ll always be there in you strong and quite presence You lead me each day of danger
Harvest – I Am Your Father
In the morning I hear You calling Calling my name out loud, my child I am Your Father The struggle you had last night And the battles that seemed
Harvest -His Angels Are Everywhere
Close your eyes child See the stars dancing till the morning light And don’t be afraid of the dark His angles are everywhere
Harvest -Give Them Back
He’s walking the streets a lion that’s hungry Looking to met easy prey Spreading deceit ready to eat anyone who can’t see that he’s there
Harvest -All that is in me
It’s not often I feel like lifting my hands in worship It’s not often I feel like singing a song of joy But I’m often reminded of His ways, how His so faithful
Category: Harvest Holy Fire (7)
Harvest Time and Again
So fired tired of all the same old excuses I’me made for so long So tired tired of playin? games with my life in the name of the Lord
Holy Fire-Holy Fire
Where in a battle weary nation Full of wounded and weary souls They have lost the desire to win the fight Their just praying in won’t be long
Harvest -Great is the Lord
Bring an offering when you come before Him Knowing that the Lord is in this place Our Creator Might God our Savior Dwells without our praise
Harvest -Go
With so many people living in the world How can we live so causally And so many children who’ve never even heard Crying only the streets
Harvest- Dying People
I can’t bear to look at their faces again Or hear their cries When I know I should be trying to give More than a helpless smile
Harvest- Be Strong and Courageous
]If you’re feeling like a failure and you can’t go on Cause our fighting that same old sin You’re living with the pressure that you gotta be strong
Almighty God
Almighty God Almighty God Almighty God Almighty God Almighty God Almighty God Who is the everlasting might God Who was and is and is to come

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