Tracks of Disc 1
1.When There’s Nothing Left But God
2.Grace, They Call It Amazing
3.Shut up and Start Praying
4.Go Tell It on the Mountain
5.Bridge Over Troubled Water
6.The First Face I Want to See
8.You Can Make It
10.Love Lifted Me
11.To Glorify Your Name
12.I Will Praise
13.He Cares
14.Sin Dosen’t Live Here Anymore
15.Too Late
Tracks of Disc 2
1.It’s Your Season
2.Hallelujah Anyway – (remix)
3.I Will Rejoice in the House
4.What’s Going On
5.He Steps In
6.When I See the Blood
7.Dance Dance Dance
8.The Blood Rushes
9.Stand up and Be a Witness
10.Sing a Song
11.God’s Got It
12.You Got the Love
13.He Set Me Free
14.Nothing Can Separate Me
15.Let Go and Let God
16.He’s Coming Back
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Uncut: 4 stars out of 5 — “[T]he svelte settings are tailored to Candi’s voice, in which reserves of vulnerability and unease are contrasted with escalating torrents.”
Tracks of Disc 1
1.You Don’t Have Far to Go
2.When Hearts Grow Cold
3.It’s Not Easy Letting Go
4.His Hands
5.How Do I Get Over You?
6.You Never Really Wanted Me
7.I’ll Sing a Love Song to You
8.In Name Only
9.Running Out of Love
10.Cry to Me
11.When Will I?
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Living Blues: “Nevers’ production style is decidedly southern….The focus throughout is on Staton’s glorious one-of-a-kind voice.”
Tracks of Disc 1
1.Breaking Down Slow
2.Who’s Hurting Now
3.I Feel The Same
4.Mercy Now
5.I Don’t Know
6.Lonely Don’t
7.Get Your Hands Dirty
8.Dust On My Pillow
9.Cry Baby Cry
10.I Don’t Want For Anything
11.The Light In Your Eyes
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Tracks of Disc 1
1.Here I Am Again
2.Your Opening Night
3.A Little Taste of Love
4.Going Through the Motions
5.Stop and Smell the Roses
6.We Can Work It Out
7.As Long As He Takes Care of Home
8.But I Do
9.Can’t Stop Being Your Fool
10.Clean Up America
11.Six Nights and a Day
12.As Long As He Takes Care of Home [Without Rap]
Tracks of Disc 2
1.Run to Me
3.What a Feeling
4.You Bet Your Sweet Sweet Love
5.Young Hearts Run Free
6.Living for You
7.Summer Time With You
8.I Know
9.Young Hearts Run Free [Single Edit]
10.Run to Me [Extended Version]
11.Young Hearts Run Free [12″ Extended Mix]
12.Young Hearts Run Free [Instrumental Mix]

Candi Staton also appears in this Compilation
Tracks of Disc 1
6.Young Hearts Run Free
7.More, More, More
9.Boogie, Oogie, Oogie

Candi Staton also appears in this Compilation
Tracks of Disc 1
1.More, More, More
4.Que Sera Mi Veda (If You Should Go)
7.Young Hearts Run Free
9.When Will I See You Again
13.Son of My Father
Tracks of Disc 2
4.Ooh! What a Life
5.Sugar Baby Love
6.Nights On Broadway
9.I Will

Tracks of Disc 1
1.You Got The Love, (Vocal Only)
2.Young Hearts Run Free
3.Nights On Broadway
4.Stand By Your Man
6.Honest I Do Love You
7.You Got The Love
8.I D Rather Be An Old Man S Sweetheart
9.I M Just A Prisoner
10.Sweet Feeling
11.In The Ghetto
12.Run To Me
13.When You Wake Up Tomorrow
14.Suspicious Minds
15.Now You Got The Upper Hand
16.He Called Me Baby
17.Just When You Think It S Safe
18.You Got The Love, (Andy La Toggo Remix)

Record Collector (magazine): 5 stars out of 5 — “[With] plaintive takes on Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ and Donnie Fritt’s scribed ‘We Had It All’ from 1974.”
Tracks of Disc 1
1.Someone You Use
2.I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than A Young Man’s Fool)
3.You Don’t Love Me No More
5.Sweet Feeling
6.Do Your Duty
7.That’s How Strong My Love Is
8.I’m Just A Prisoner (of Your Good Lovin’)
9.Another Man’s Woman, Another Woman’s Man
10.Get It When I Want It
11.For You
12.Never In Public
13.Heart On A String
14.Stand By Your Man
15.How Can I Put Out The Flame (When You Keep The Fire Burning)
16.Mr and Mrs Untrue
17.Too Hurt Too Cry
18.He Called Me Baby
19.Sweet Feeling (Old Time Feeling)
20.To Hear You Say You’re Mine
21.What Would Become of Me
22.Freedom Is Just Beyond The Door
23.Where Were You
24.Do Right Woman
25.Trouble, Heartaches and Sadness
26.Spread Your Love On Me
27.Do It In The Name of Love
28.Darling You’re All That I Had
30.In The Ghetto
31.Wanted: Lover
32.The Best Thing You Ever Had
33.Lovin’ You Lovin’ Me
34.I’ll Drop Everything and Come Running
35.The Thanks I Get For Loving You
36.Sure As Sin
37.It’s Not Love
38.Something’s Burning
39.I’m Gonna Hold On (To What I Got This Time)
40.Love Chain
41.Slipping Away
42.One More Hurt
43.Lovin The Easy Way
44.Are You Just Building Me Up
45.I’ll Be Here
46.I Gave A Little and Lost A Lot
48.We Had It All

Candi Staton also appears in this Compilation
Tracks of Disc 1
1.When Will I See You Again
6.Goodbye My Love
7.Money Honey
8.Dancing On a Saturday Night
10.New Orleans
15.Young Hearts Run Free
19.What’s Your Name, What’s Your Number
20.I Wanna Dance Wit’ Choo

Tracks of Disc 1
1.Looking For Love
2.Halfway To Heaven
3.One More Try
4.If You Feel The Need
5.The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
6.It’s Real
7.Betcha I’m Gonna Get Ya
8.Living Inside Me

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