List Of Converts From Atheism To Christianity


It is no news any more that hundreds of atheist and non-theist around the world are coming to the light of the glorious gospel of Christ Jesus and and putting their faith in Him.

This is a list of over 100 notable converts from non-theism to Christianity.

Jim Warner Wallace, Smart Atheist Detective who Became a Christian
Jim Warner Wallace, Smart Atheist Detective who Became a Christian

Nontheism means not believing in any gods, which is the same as the broad definition of atheism. The prefixes “a-” and “non-” mean exactly the same thing: not, without, lacking. Each belief system agrees that there are no deities that created or control mankind. Essentially the belief is that man is on their own and will not be helped by a higher power. Many atheists and nontheists believe strongly in science and the scientific method.

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Notable Converts From Nontheism To Christianity

  1. A. N. Wilson – biographer and novelist who entered the theological St Stephen’s House, Oxford before proclaiming himself an atheist and writing against religion; announced his return to Christianity in
  2. Akiane Kramarik (and family) – American poet and child prodigy raised as an atheist and converted to Christianity
  3. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Nobel Prize-winning dissident author who converted to Russian Orthodoxy
  4. Alexis Carrel – French surgeon and biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.
  5. Alexis Mason – A Militant Atheist who Turned Christian
  6. Alfred Döblin, German novelist, essayist and doctor, a former convert from Judaism to atheism
  7. Alice Thomas Ellis – born Anna Haycraft, raised in Auguste Comte’s atheistic “church of humanity”, but became a conservative Catholic in adulthood known as Alice Thomas Ellis
  8. Alister McGrath – biochemist and Christian theologian’ founder of “scientific theology” and critic of Richard Dawkins in his book Dawkins’ God: Genes, Memes, and the Meaning of Life
  9. Allan Sandage – prolific astronomer; converted to Christianity later in his life, stating, “I could not live a life full of cynicism. I chose to believe, and a peace of mind came over me.”
  10. Allen Tate – American poet, essayist and social commentator; Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress
  11. Anders Borg  – Sweden’s Minister for Finance
  12. André Frossard – French journalist and essayist
  13. Andrew Klavan – Jewish-American writer who went from atheist to agnostic to Christian.
  14. Arnold Lunn – skier, mountaineer, and writer; as an agnostic he wrote Roman Converts, which took a critical view of Catholicism and the converts to it; later converted to Catholicism due to debating with converts, and became an apologist for the faith, although he retained a few criticisms of it
  15. Avery Dulles – Jesuit priest, theologian, and cardinal in the Catholic Church; was raised Presbyterian, but was an agnostic before his conversion to Catholic Christianity
  16. Barak Lurie – A Jewish Atheist
  17. Benedict Ashley – raised humanist; former Communist; became a noted theologian associated with River Forest Thomism
  18. Bernard Nathanson – medical doctor who was a founding member of NARAL, later becoming a pro-life proponent
  19. Bill Hayden – The 21st Governor-General of Australia. In 1996 he was recognised as the Australian Humanist of the Year by the Council of Australian Humanist Societies. Baptized September .
  20. Bo Giertz – Swedish Confessional Lutheran Bishop, theologian, and writer
  21. Bruce Cockburn – Canadian folk/rock guitarist and singer/songwriter (former agnostic)
  22. C. E. M. Joad – English philosopher whose arguing against Christianity, from an agnostic perspective, earned him criticism from T. S. Eliot; turned toward religion later, writing The Recovery of Belief a year before he died and returning to Christianity
  23. C. S. Lewis – Oxford professor and writer; well known for The Chronicles of Narnia series, and for his apologetic Mere Christianity
  24. Chai Ling – Chinese student leader of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989; converted to evangelical Christianity in 2009
  25. Charles Péguy – French poet, essayist, and editor; went from agnostic humanist to a pro-Republic Catholic.
  26. Claude McKay – bisexual Jamaican poet who went from Communist-leaning atheist to an active Catholic Christian after a stroke
  27. Czesław Miłosz – poet, prose writer, translator and diplomat; was awarded the Neustadt International Prize for Literature, and in 1980 the Nobel Prize in Literature
  28. Dame Cicely Saunders – Templeton Prize and Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize-winning nurse known for palliative care; converted to Christianity as a young woman

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  29. Dawn Eden Goldstein – rock journalist of Jewish ethnicity; went from an agnostic to a Catholic, who was particularly concerned with the moral values of chastity
  30. E. F. Schumacher – economic thinker known for Small Is Beautiful; his A Guide for the Perplexed criticizes what he termed “materialistic scientism;” went from atheism to Buddhism to Catholicism
  31. Edith Stein – Phenomenologist philosopher who converted to Catholicism and became a Discalced Carmelite nun; declared a saint by John Paul II
  32. Edward Feser – Christian philosopher and author, wrote The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism
  33. Emir Kusturica – filmmaker, actor, and musician; although of Muslim ancestry, his father was atheist; took the name “Nemanja” on conversion in
  34. Enoch Powell – Conservative Party (UK) member who converted to Anglicanism
  35. Eugene D. Genovese – historian who went from Stalinist to Catholicism
  36. Evelyn Waugh – British novelist who converted to Catholicism from agnosticism
  37. Fay Weldon – British novelist and feminist
  38. Francis Collins – physician-geneticist, noted for his landmark discoveries of disease genes; director of the National Human Genome Research Institute; former atheist
  39. Fulton Oursler – writer who was raised Baptist, but spent decades as an agnostic before converting; The Greatest Story Ever Told is based on one of his works
  40. G. E. M. Anscombe – analytic philosopher, Thomist, literary executor for Ludwig Wittgenstein, and author of Modern Moral Philosophy; converted to Catholicism as a result of her extensive reading
  41. Gabriel Marcel – leading Christian existentialist; his upbringing was agnostic
  42. George R. Price – geneticist who became an Evangelical Christian and wrote about the New Testament; later he moderated his evangelistic tendencies and switched from religious writing to working with the homeless
  43. Gerald Priestland – news correspondent who discusses having once been the “school atheist” in Something Understood: An Autobiography; became a Quaker after an emotional breakdown
  44. Giovanni Papini – went from pragmatic atheism to Catholicism, also a Fascist
  45. Guillaume Bignon, a Staunch Atheist Who Hated God, Visited Church “As One Visits A Zoo To See Exotic Animals” But Then God Caught Him.
  46. Holly Ordway – University lecturer whose intellectual journey led to her conversion from atheism to Christianity
  47. Howard Storm – Art professor at Northern Kentucky University. Atheist Professor whose Near-death Experience In Hell Changed led him to Jesus Christ
  48. Ignace Lepp – French psychiatrist whose parents were freethinkers and who joined the Communist party at age fifteen; broke with the party in and eventually became a Catholic priest
  49. Jeffery Dahmer – serial killer and convict who was baptized by Churches of Christ minister Roy Ratcliff
  50. Jennifer Fulwiler – her intellectual journey led to her conversion from atheism to Christianity
  51. Jessica Jenkins – a devout atheist and a believer in scientific fact.
  52. Jim Warner Wallace – was a Cold-Case homicide detective who worked for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).
  53. John C. Wright – science fiction author who went from atheist to Catholic; Chapter 1 of the book “Atheist to Catholic: 11 Stories of Conversion”, edited by Rebecca Vitz Cherico, is by him
  54. John Lawson Stoddard – divinity student who became an agnostic and “scientific humanist;” later he converted to Catholicism; his son Lothrop Stoddard remained agnostic and would be significant to scientific racism
  55. John Warwick Montgomery – renowned Christian apologist, Lutheran theologian, and barrister; as a philosophy major in college, he investigated the claims of Christianity “to preserve intellectual integrity” and converted
  56. Jonny Lang – blues and rock singer who professed to once “hating” Christianity, before later claiming to have a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ which led to his conversion
  57. Joseph Pearce – anti-Catholic and agnostic British National Front member who became a devoted Catholic writer with a series on EWTN
  58. Joy Davidman – poet and wife of C. S. Lewis
  59. Julie Burchill – British journalist and feminist
  60. Kang Kek Iew (also known as Comrade Duch) – Cambodian director of Phnom Penh’s infamous Tuol Sleng detention center
  61. Karl Dallas – British music journalist, author and political activist
  62. Keir Hardie – raised atheist and became a Christian Socialist
  63. Kirk Cameron – actor noted for his role in Growing Pains
  64. Lacey Sturm – musician, former vocalist and lyricist for alternative metal band Flyleaf
  65. Larry Darby – former Holocaust denier and former member of the American Atheists
  66. Leah Libresco – popular (former) atheist blogger; her search for a foundation for her sense of morality led her to Christianity; she continues her blog under a new name, Unequally Yoked. Her blog readership has increased significantly since her conversion.
  67. Lee Strobel – former avowed atheist and journalist for the Chicago Tribune; was converted by his own journalistic research intended to test the veracity of scriptural claims concerning Jesus; author of such apologetic books as The Case for Faith and The Case for Christ
  68. Léon Bloy – French author who led to several notable conversions and was himself a convert from agnosticism
  69. Maggie Gallagher – conservative activist and a founder of the National Organization for Marriage
  70. Malcolm Muggeridge – British journalist and author who went from agnosticism to the Catholic Church
  71. Mark Bauerlein – English professor at Emory University and the author of 2008 book The Dumbest Generation, which won at the Nautilus Book Awards
  72. Mark Edwards – A rapper and former drug smuggler who was deaf in one ear, found God after being healed by a preacher.
  73. Marvin Olasky – former Marxist turned Christian conservative; edits the Christian World magazine
  74. Mary Karr – author of The Liars’ Club; Guggenheim Fellow; once described herself as an “undiluted agnostic”, but converted to a self-acknowledged “Cafeteria Catholicism” who embraces Pro-Choice views, amongst others
  75. Maurice Baring – English author who converted in his thirties
  76. Michael Reiss – British bioethicist, educator, journalist, and Anglican priest; agnostic/secular upbringing
  77. Mira Sorvino – Academy Award-winning actress who had been on Humanist lists
  78. Mortimer J. Adler – American philosopher, educator, and popular author; converted to Catholicism from agnosticism, after decades of interest in Thomism
  79. Nicky Gumbel – Anglican priest known for the Alpha course; from atheism
  80. Nicole Cliffe – writer and journalist who co-founded The Toast
  81. Nina Karin Monsen – Norwegian moral philosopher and author who grew up in a humanist family, but later converted to Christianity through philosophic thinking
  82. Paul Bourget – French author who became agnostic and positivist at , but returned to Catholicism at
  83. Paul Jones – musician, of Manfred Mann; previously atheist; in 1967 he argued with Cliff Richard about religion on a TV show
  84. Peter Baltes – former heavy metal musician, member of Accept
  85. Peter Guirguis
  86. Peter Hitchens – journalist who went from Trotskyism to Traditionalist conservatism; estranged brother of the late outspoken anti-theist and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens
  87. Peter Steele – lead singer of Type O Negative
  88. R. J. Stove – raised atheist, converted to Catholicism
  89. Ray Comfort – evangelist and author.
  90. Rodney Stark – a formerly agnostic sociologist of religion.
  91. Rosalind Picard – Director of the Affective computing Research Group at the MIT Media Lab; raised atheist, but converted to Christianity in her teens
  92. Sally Read – Eric Gregory Award-winning poet who converted to Catholicism
  93. Seraphim Rose – Hieromonk and religious writer; in early adulthood he considered non-theist ideas of God and the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche that God is dead; became Russian Orthodox in
  94. Sigrid Undset – Norwegian Nobel laureate who converted to Catholicism from agnosticism
  95. Simon Greenleaf – one of the main founders of Harvard Law School
  96. Steve Beren – former member of the Socialist Workers Party (United States) who became a Christian conservative politician
  97. Steve Tillman – an ex-atheist who did everything to suppress the idea of God
  98. Tamsin Greig – British actress raised as an atheist; converted at
  99. Terry A. Davis – American computer programmer who created and designed an entire operating system, TempleOS, by himself. Davis grew up Catholic and was an atheistbefore experiencing a self-described “revelation”. He described the experience as seeming “a lot like mental illness … I felt guilty for being such a technology-advocate atheist … It would sound polite if you said I scared myself thinking about quantum computers.”
  100. Victor Turner – A British cultural anthropologist best known for his work on symbols, rituals and rites of passage.
  101. Vittorio Messori – Italian journalist and writer called the “most translated Catholic writer in the world” by Sandro Magister; before his conversion in he had a “perspective as a secularist and agnostic”
  102. Vladimir Putin – current President of the Russian Federation
  103. Dr. Wayne Rossiter – assistant professor of Biology at Waynesburg University and earned his PhD in ecology and evolution from Rutgers University.
  104. Whittaker Chambers – former Communist turned conservative writer
  105. William J. Murray  – author and son of atheist activist Madalyn Murray O’Hair


  1. `100 out of 2 billion believers in christ what about the the side of the coin the people becoming atheist in the views just a one one sided biased viewpoint isnt it?

  2. Many atheists present the idea that many people leave theism. This article presents the idea that there are many people who leave agnosticism and atheism becoming convinced of theism. So I suppose the point here is that it happens both ways, and that therea re many very intelligent people who become theists as a result of the evidence of the arguments (that many atheists proclaim, don’t exist).

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