List Of Books By Hudson Taylor


Hudson Taylor was a Founding Father Of Chinese Christianity. He was the the first real successful Christian missionary in China and the most widely used missionary in China’s history.

See List Of Books By Hudson Taylor, The Man Who Brought The Gospel To China

  • A Retrospect (Updated Edition): The Story Behind My Zeal for Missions 
  • The Autobiography of J. Hudson Taylor: Journals of an Evangelical Missionary Who Preached Christianity in China
  • Hudson Taylor (Men of Faith)
  • Gods Adventurer
  • Union and Communion: A Devotional Study of How the Song of Solomon Reveals a Believer’s Union With Jesus Christ
  • One With Christ
  • China’s Spiritual Need and Claims
  • Separation and Service: Revival Press Edition
  • A Ribband of Blue

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  • A Ribband of Blue: Revival Press Edition
  • China’s Millions
  • Answered Prayers: Prayer That Get Results (Prayer, How to Pray, the Power of Prayer, Prayer for Healing, Bible Verses, Prayer Books, Christian Books, Spiritual Warfare, Prayers Guides, Bible Prayers)
  • Intimacy With Jesus: Understanding the Song of Solomon
  • The Priest Wore One Green Sock
  • Barbarians at the Gate
  • Killer Workout
  • Hudson Taylor’s Legacy: Daily Meditations
  • There’s a Bastard Born Every Minute

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