Robert W. Schambach was an American televangelist, pastor, faith healer and author.

Here are books by Evangelist R. W. Schambach

  • Miracles II Greater Miracles (Paperback)
  • Power Struggle (Paperback)
  • You Can’t Beat God Givin’ Miracle Testimonies From Ordinary People Serving an Extraordinary God (Paperback)
  • Miracles Eyewitness to the Miraculous (Paperback)
  • Demon Possession Today and How to Be Free (Paperback)
  • The Price of God’s Miracle-working Power (Paperback)
  • I Shall Not Want: Unlocking the Power of the 23rd Psalm (Paperback)
  • When You Wonder Why (Paperback)
  • The Miracle Manual (Paperback)
  • You’re One in a Million (Paperback)
  • New Beginnings Can Anyone Really Start Over (Paperback)
  • God’s Guarantee to Heal You (Paperback) → Paperback
  • The VIolent Take It By Force (Other)

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