Maachah- pressed down; worn; fastened
Maachathi- broken
Maadai- pleasant; testifying
Maadiah- pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord A priest
Maai- belly; heaping up
Maale-akrabbim- ascent of scorpions
Maarath- den; making empty; watching
Maaseiah- the work of the Lord
Maasiai- the defense- or strength- or trust of the Lord
Maath- wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting
Maaz- wood; wooden
Macedonia- burning; adoration- extended land
Machbenah- Machbanai- poverty; the smiting of his son
Machi- poor; a smiter- decrease
Machir- selling; knowing
Machnadebai- smiter
Machpelah- double
Madai- a measure; judging; a garment
Madian- judgment; striving; covering; chiding
Madmannah- measure of a gift; preparation of a garment
Madon- a chiding; a garment; his measure
Magbish- excelling; height
Magdala- tower; greatness
Magdalene- a person from Magdala
Magdiel- declaring God; chosen fruit of God
Magog- covering; roof; dissolving- region of Gog
Magpiash- a body thrust hard together
Mahalah- Mahalath- sickness; a company of dancers; a harp
Mahaleleel- praising God
Mahali- infirmity; a harp; pardon
Mahanaim- tents; two fields; two armies
Mahanehdan- tents of judgment
Mahanem- a comforter
Maharai- hasting; a hill; from a hill
Mahath- same as Maath
Mahavites- declaring a message; marrow
Mahaz- an end; ending; growing hope
Mahazioth- seeing a sign; seeing a letter
Maher-shalal-hash-baz- making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey
Mahlah- Mahli- Mahlon- same as Mahali
Makas- same as Mahaz
Makheloth- assemblies; congregations
Makkedah- worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness
Malachi- my messenger; my angel
Malcham- Malchom- their king; their counselor
Malchijah- also Malchiah or Melchiah- the Lord my king- or my counselor
Malchiel- God is my king- or counselor
Malchus- my king- kingdom- or counselor
Maleleel- same as Mahaleleel
Mallothi- fullness; circumcision
Malluch- reigning; counseling
Mammon- riches
Mamre- rebellious; bitter; set with trees
Manaen- a comforter; a leader
Manahethites- my lady; my prince of rest
Manasseh- forgetfulness; he that is forgotten- forgetting- who makes to forget””- “God hath made me forget”
Manoah- rest; a present
Maon- house; place of sin
Mara- Marah- sad- bitter
Maralah- sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension
Maranatha- the Lord is coming
Mareshah- from the beginning; an inheritance
Mark same as Marcus- polite; shining- the evangelist
Maroth- bitterness
Marsena- bitterness of a bramble
Martha- who becomes bitter; provoking a lady
Mary- same as Miriam
Mash- same as Meshech
Mashal- a parable; governing
Masrekah- whistling; hissing
Massa- a burden; prophecy- burden a lifting up- gift
Massah- temptation
Matred- wand of government
Matri- rain; prison
Mattan- Mattana- Mattenai- gifts; rains
Mattaniah- gift- gift of Jehovah- Original name of Zedekiah- king of Judah-
Mattatha- his gift- An ancestor of Jesus
Mattathias- the gift of the Lord
Matthan- same as Mattan- gift
Matthanias- same as Mattaniah
Matthal- gift; he that gives
Matthew- given; a reward- gift of Jehovah- Also called LEVI- gift of God
Mazzaroth- the twelve signs of the zodiac
Meah- a hundred cubits
Mearah- den; cave; making empty
Mebunnai- son; building; understanding
Mecherath- selling; knowledge
Medad- he that measures; water of love
Medan- judgment; process
Medeba- waters of grief; waters springing up
Media- measure; habit; covering
Megiddo- his precious fruit; declaring a message
Megiddon- same as Megiddo
Mehetabel- how good is God
Mehida- a riddle; sharpness of wit
Mehir- a reward
Mehujael- who proclaims God
Mehuman- making an uproar; a multitude
Mejarkon- the waters of Jordan
Mekonah- a foot of a pillar; provision
Melatiah- deliverance of the Lord
Melchi- my king; my counsel
Melchiah- God is my king
Melchi-shua- king of health; magnificent king
Melchizedek- king of justice
Melea- supplying; supplied
Melech- king; counselor
Melita- affording honey
Mellicu- his kingdom; his counselor
Melzar- circumcision of a narrow place- steward
Memphis- abode of the good
Memucan- impoverished; to prepare; certain; true
Menahem- comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat
Menan- numbered; rewarded; prepared
Mene- who reckons or is counted
Meonenim- charmers- regarders of times
Mephaath- appearance- or force- of waters
Mephibosheth- out of my mouth proceeds reproach dispeller of shame.
Merab- he that fights or disputes
Meraioth- bitterness; rebellious; changing
Merari- bitter; to provoke
Mered- rebellious- ruling
Meremoth- bitterness; myrrh of death
Meres- defluxion; imposthume
Meribah- dispute; quarrel
Meribaal- he that resists Baal; rebellion
Merodach- bitter contrition
Merodach-baladan- bitter contrition- without judgment
Merom- eminences; elevations
Meronothite- my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule
Meroz- secret- leanness
Mesha- burden; salvation
Meshach- that draws with force
Meshech- who is drawn by force
Meshelemiah- peace- or perfection- of the Lord
Meshezaheel- God taking away; the salvation of God
Meshillamith- peaceable; perfect; giving again
Mesobaite- the Lord’s standing-place; a little doe
Mesopotamia- between two rivers
Messiah- anointed
Metheg-ammah- bridle of bondage
Methusael- who demands his death
Methuselah- when he dies it shall be sent
Meunim- dwelling-places; afflicted
Mezahab- gilded
Miamin- the right hand
Mibhar- chosen; youth
Mibsam- smelling sweet
Mibzar- defending; forbidding; taking away
Micah- poor; humble
Micaiah- who is like to God?
Micha- who is like to God?
Michael- who is like to God?
Michaiah- who is perfect?
Michal- who is perfect?
Michmash- he that strikes
Michmethah- the gift or death of a striker
Michri- selling
Michtam- golden psalm
Middin- judgment; striving
Midian- judgment; covering; habit
Migdal-el- tower of God
Migdal-gad- tower compassed about
Migdol- a tower
Migron- fear; farm; throat
Mijamin- right hand
Mikloth- little wants; little voices; looking downward
Minneiah- possession of the Lord
Milalai- circumcision; my talk
Milcah- queen
Milcom- their king
Miletum- red; scarlet
Millo- fullness
Miniamin- right hand
Minni- reckoned; prepared
Minnith- same as Minni
Miriam- rebellion- rebellous- bitterness their rebellion
Mishael- who is asked for or lent
Mishal- parables; governing
Misham- their savior; taking away
Misheal- requiring; lent; pit
Mishma- hearing; obeying
Mishmannah- fatness; taking away provision
Mishraites- spread abroad
Mispar- Mispereth- numbering; showing; increase of tribute
Misrephoth-maim- hot waters
Misti- uncomparable beauty
Mithcah- sweetness; pleasantness
Mithnite- loin; gift; hope
Mithredath- breaking the law
Mitylene- purity; cleansing; press
Mizar- little
Mizpah- Mizpeh- a watch-tower; speculation
Mizraim- tribulations
Mizzah- defluxion from the head
Mnason- a diligent seeker; an exhorter
Moab- of his father
Moladah- birth; generation
Molech- Moloch- king
Molid- nativity; generation; begetter;
Mordecai- contrition; bitter; bruising; dedicated to Mars- a little man or bitter bruising;
Moreh- stretching
Moriah- bitterness of the Lord
Moserah- Moseroth- erudition; discipline
Moses- taken out; drawn forth to draw drawn; drawn forth- taken out of water or a son;
Mozah- unleavened
Muppim- out of the mouth; covering
Mushi- he that touches- that withdraws or takes away
Myra- I flow; pour out; weep
Mysia- criminal; abominable

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