In the morning of grace, when the Sun first arose,
And the gospel divine put to flight all its foes,
The nations rejoiced, but forsook it so soon,
For the Sun in His strength was darkened at noon.

Light breaks at last! Hallelujah to God!
Darkness is past, let us shout it aloud:
From the mountains and hills let us gather the few
Who will stand for the right, and dare to be true.

Long years have we dwelt in confusion and strife,
And groped where contention and error were rife;
But now we have found what we sought for so long,
That the people of God unite in one throng.

Behold, now we see, by the evening’s fair light,
As it gleams from Mount Zion in radiance bright,
That the mist of confusion is passing away,
As the darkness recedes at breaking of day.

We have found it at last, the one holy flock,
‘Tis the church of the Lord, and it stands on the Rock;
Spread the news far and wide, till it reaches each shore,
That the Sun in His strength shall shine evermore.

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