Should not the children of one Father
Live together here in harmony?-
Bound by His love unto each other,
So that they ne’er can divided be.

He hath broken down the middle wall of partition,
And in Him hath made us one;
He hath saved us from the sin of strife and division,
Through the precious cleansing blood of His dear Son.

Hear Jesus praying for His people:
‘Sanctify them that they may be one’;
Oh, let His prayer in us be answered,
And all His will in our hearts be done.

Sects and divisions shame our Savior,
Cause the world to scoff and disbelieve,
Send many precious souls to ruin,
Who might the grace of the Lord receive.

Let all contentions, names, and parties
Be forsaken for the truth alone;
Let all the ransomed be united,
And no division among them known.


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