Country Star Credits God For Bringing Him Back To Life After He ‘Died Two Times’

Colt Ford - Country Star
Colt Ford - Country Star

A country star who suffered a heart attack last month is crediting God for bringing him back to life after dying two times, despite doctors reportedly believing he had just a 0.1% chance of survival.

Speaking at the “Big D & Bubba” show, Colt Ford, whose real name is Jason Farris Brown, recounted his traumatic, near-death experience after an April 4 performance in Phoenix, Arizona, stating that he believes God still has plans for his life, Fox News reported.

“The Lord had more for me to do, more music for me to make, hopefully more differences to make in some people’s lives. It’s been life-changing. It’s been spiritually changing. Obviously, it’s been physically changing,” Ford told the “Big D & Bubba” show, detailing how the experience had changed him.

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Ford said he’s still not totally out of the woods and needs to take care of himself as he journeys through recovery.

Ford also shared some shocking details about the night of the incident. Although he explained he has no recollection of even performing, he did recount later walking back to his bus and texting his fiancée.

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“I walked back to the bus, texted my fiancée, ‘Hi baby,’ and fell over dead,” he said. “I died two times. Luckily, my band came out to check on me.”

In the end, Ford was rescued and doctors were able to save his life. He told the “Big D & Bubba” show he believes the Lord had him in the right place at the right time, considering the much-needed medical care he was able to receive, according to Faithwire.

“God could not have had me in a better place,” he said.

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