Josh and Amberley are the directors of InFlame Ministries based in New Zealand.

Starting in the small town of Te Aroha, Josh and Amberley’s ministry began in a little baptist church with an acoustic guitar and a gathering of hungry hearts. They met in bible college and spent the first seven years of their married life in the small town called “The Love” (Te Aroha) where the Lord taught them about ministering to Him and leading others in worship.

Josh is a producer, songwriter, author, speaker and worship leader. As well as pioneering InFlame Ministries in New Zealand, the Klinkenbergs are also Global Directors with Sounds of the Nations, and partnered with Jesus Culture Music as artists in 2013.

They travel their home country and further afield with a ministry that is marked by healings, signs and wonders.

After their first child was born with severe special needs that required 24/7 care, the Klinkenbergs began their journey into the unknown to discover God as Healer.

Now living in Tauranga with their four children, they enjoy seeing the Kingdom of Heaven come in all spheres of society.

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